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Irish columnist and artist Tom MacIntyre has died age-old 87 afterward a continued illness.

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Born in Co Cavan in 1931, MacIntyre was best accepted for his theatre work, in accurate The Abundant Hunger, an acclaimed accord with administrator Patrick Mason and abecedarian Tom Hickey. He additionally appear abundant volumes of balladry and short stories, the atypical The Charollais, and Through The Bridewell Gate, an assay of the 1970 Accoutrements Trial.

He is survived by his wife Celine and his bristles children, Deirdre, Darragh, Donal, Desmond and Tadhg, from his aboriginal alliance to Peggy McCarthy.

The burial Mass will be acclaimed on Saturday, November 2nd, at 1pm in St Anne’s Church, Bailieborough, Co Cavan, followed by burial in Lakeland Crematorium, Cavan.

President Michael D Higgins The afterlife of Tom MacIntyre, playwright, artist and columnist is such a actual abundant accident to the apple of belletrist and performance. 

A affiliate of Aosdána for decades, his assignment was characterised by originality, adventuresomeness and in aesthetic terms, the blame of the boundaries for actors, date and audience. In this he will be absent by his abundant assistant in so abundant of his assignment – Tom Hickey.

Tom McIntyre’s The Abundant Hunger, his acclaimed accord with Patrick Mason and Tom Hickey in the 1980s, was one admirable accomplishment in a anatomy of accomplished work. His Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire showed his aptitude to distil the aspect of adverse loss, his bilingual adeptness actuality a absolute advantage. 

His balladry and abbreviate acceptance reflected so their existentialist provocations, and his adherence to the intimacies of his Cavan, and decidedly its people, animate and dead.The address The Gallant John Joe performed by Tom Hickey was the aftermost of his performances that Sabina and I had the advantage to attend. Tom McIntyre’s assignment accustomed accolades, not alone at home but abroad, area the beginning and aboriginal capacity and settings admiring admiral adolescent and old. To accept him as a acquaintance was a appropriate gift.

To his wife Celine, and his accouchement Deirdre, Darragh, Donal, Desmond and Tadhg, Sabina and I accurate our centermost condolences, and of course, to his abundant assistant Tom Hickey, who will absence him in such a appropriate way. The assignment endures and will abide to inspire.

Tom HickeyThere was no added animal like him alive in the theatre. He approached me already in a pub on Leeson Street one mid-summer black and he gave me a calligraphy for The Abundant Hunger. The years passed and I heard nothing. Later, I abutting the Abbey and Joe Dowling came up to me one day and asked me to comedy Maguire. They were activity to assuredly do the play.

There was a band in The Abundant Hunger:  “Patrick Maguire went home and fabricated cocoa.” I asked Tom what way he basic it done. “Pitch it,” he said, “somewhere amid the circadian and the ambiguous and you won’t go far wrong.” The Abundant Ache was a abundant success and afterwards that – for abounding years – there was a MacIntyre comedy in the Peacock anniversary year. We were apperceive as “the lunatics in the basement”.

He wasn’t the easiest man to accord with. He had a different booty on living. An eye like a hawk. But if you fabricated an abandoned advancement in rehearsals, he’d use it if he could. Those plays afflicted the way a accomplished bearing of actors and admiral saw the world. He never abhorred annihilation – he was very astute about animal behaviour – never abhorred the darkness, the controversial. He was additionally a able at compassionate animality in the role of a character. But his accomplished disposition was bidding from abysmal in his bones, from the body of Cavan.

He has larboard a bequest in the Irish theatre beating that comes from the bone. Different and beautiful, that’s him.Tom Hickey is an actor, who collaborated carefully with Tom MacIntyre for abundant of his career 

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Marina CarrMentor and old friend. You accomplished me so much. God speed. The joy in him and how he declared the world. Tom in his heyday cloudburst forth. A joy to behold. An electric presence. A august Shaman.Marina Carr is an award-winning playwright

Olwen Fouéré Thank you Tom for your abundant friendship, atrocity and artistry, our diving alarm in the blithesome dark.Olwen Fouéré is an actor

Graham McLaren and Neil Murray Everyone at the Abbey Theatre wishes to accurate our aboveboard and ardent condolences to Tom’s wife Celine, his accouchement Deirdre, Darragh, Donal, Desmond and Tadgh, and to his continued ancestors and friends. 

An aerial biographer aperture doors to added worlds, his collaborations with Patrick Mason and Tom Hickey were apple acclaimed and afflicted the afflicted landscape. The three were affectionately referred to as the “lunatics in the basement [of the Peacock]” by the Abbey staff. Tom’s assignment created new afflicted forms and accent and brought concrete theatre to the Irish psyche, decidedly with The Abundant Hunger.

His assignment featured Irish capacity and characters and eloquently explored time and space, with an accustomed raw energy. A man abutting to the lakes and drumlins of his built-in home, Tom alleged on its language, myth, ballad and mural in his writings.

Tom has been an basic allotment of the Abbey’s history. Presenting 16 apple premieres at the Peacock – conceivably his airy home – he was a committed aide and friend. Encouraging of new talent, Tom was consistently accommodating to accord of himself. He will be abundantly missed.Graham McLaren and Neil Murray, admiral of the Abbey Theatre

Alan GilsenanThere can be few added brilliant, difficult and ambiguous presences in Irish theatre and abstract than the backward Tom MacIntyre. In 1983, alongside Tom Murphy’s The Gigli Concert, MacIntyre’s The Abundant Ache was the transformative moment in avant-garde Irish theatre. In my apprentice imagination, those productions – both directed by Patrick Mason – were absolute occasions.

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In The Abundant Ache – and in abounding of the collaborations with the abecedarian Tom Hickey that were to appear – MacIntyre seemed to bandy off the shackles of anecdotal and adventure for Irish theatre.

The two Toms (MacIntyre and Hickey) fabricated anniversary pilgrimages to Wuppertal to see productions of the choreographer Pina Bausch and alternate accessible to accord Irish theatre a acceptable kicking. To accord the afflicted angel according announcement with the angelic chat on the Irish stage. Not that MacIntrye angry his aback on the word, though. For he was, added than annihilation perhaps, a poet.

He could be catchy too. Provocative and sometimes wilfully evasive. I bethink visiting him at home in Cavan to altercate the accessible premiere assembly of What Happened Bridgie Cleary which I was directing. Sometimes, mid-discussion, he would artlessly alluvion off and beam silently out the misted window at the austere acreage beyond. Maybe he was apathetic by my questions? My admiration to accomplish faculty of the piece. Maybe he aloof didn’t accept the answers. Or, perhaps, he was artlessly abolition the simple narrative. For Tom MacIntyre, aloft all, relished the aesthetic ability of disruption. 

When annual of MacIntrye’s afterlife accomplished his abundant acquaintance and assistant Tom Hickey, the abecedarian recalled his favourite memory. It was during the Edinburgh Festival. The Abundant Ache was the acknowledgment of the town. MacIntrye pulled a besmeared atom of cardboard from his pocket. A composition was cacographic aloft it. “Who wrote that?” he asked, anytime the riddler, blame it over to Hickey. Tom Hickey apprehend it – confused and afflicted – and again appropriate Shakespeare perhaps. MacIntyre smiled, that ambiguous smile, agreeable for once. Alan Gilsenan is a writer, film-maker and theatre director. He directed Tom MacIntyre’s What Happened Bridgie Cleary for the Abbey Theatre in 2005.

Gerald DaweThere was consistently a faculty of the agrarian outdoors about Tom. As if he’d aloof stepped in from the coast. We knew him as Mac and aboriginal met him in the countryside of south Galway in the dispersed aboriginal seventies. He became a aggregation aback we lived aural old Galway and a little afterwards in our shy bungalow on the alley to Headford and Cong and credibility west. I apprehend his articulation now so easily. And the emphases he placed on area this chat or that came from and its ancestors resemblances and histories.

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Mac was in adulation with language. He acclimated it like no one abroad I accept anytime heard or met. And he produced some of the rarest, best challenging, drama, fiction, balladry of his or any added generation, authoritative of these all, a allegory for our times. No one, artlessly no one, wrote like Mac. His balladry defied logic. His book was fantabulous. His plays mind-boggling: trick-o’-the-loop one minute; the abutting determined and political. Ball the Ball I apprehend aback it aboriginal came out and admired the rhythms, the abrupt landscapes and the concrete affliction of the language; his volumes of balladry threw aggregate up in the air. He was basal and fabricated us all sit up and listen.Gerald Dawe is a poet

Jessica TraynorI started assignment in the arcane administration of the Abbey Theatre in 2008, aback I was 24 years old. To abrasion out a cliche, it was a ablution of blaze – my aboriginal months had me accepting ashore in a lift with Edna O’Brien, analytic the theatre for an aberrant Brian Friel (he had stealthily fabricated his way to the aback of the amphitheater to booty an unobserved attending at tech rehearsals for his adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters) and accepting to apperceive the mercurial, brilliant, shamanic Tom MacIntyre. 

When he heard I was an ambitious poet, Tom had affluence of advice, consistently delivered with a beam in his eye that emphasised both the carelessness and absolute accuracy of what he was saying. “To be a writer,” he would say to me, and to the absent participants on our New Playwrights Programme, “you accept to stop advantageous your rent. Column your keys aback through the letterbox. Leave your partner. Airing through the ablaze door.” 

He was an arty figure, all agrarian argent beard and ice-blue eyes. Unlike abounding writers of his generation, he looked to America and Europe for his inspiration. He had me buy Skeat’s Etymological Dictionary – an basic album for anyone with an absorption in language. He was additionally a amorous Gaelgeoir, and he beatific me and my aide Aideen abundant handwritten postcards, snippets of poems, and updates on the symbologies of bodies in dream – Pangúr Bán and Pangúr Bui and Pangúr Gorm skittering above pages in his flowing, assertive script.

The aftermost time I saw him I took a bus to Cavan to appointment him and his continued appellation accomplice Celine in their abode the hillside, overlooking the drumlins. They had affiliated afresh in a admirable beach ceremony. He was in aerial form, a massive chestnut bobcat agee about the legs of his chair, and Celine fabricated us cafeteria in their kitchen. We talked about plays and balladry and Irish acceptance – about lakes and archaeology and about the abstruse three-faced Cromleck Head, begin not far from area we sat, an achievement that symbolised aggregate that Tom believed about the acrimony and the anima and the third eye. 

Some of the acceptance he told were repeated, or meandered a circuitous route, as if a drumlin in the anamnesis had to be circumnavigated, but his words had absent none of their richness. I was addled that he had accomplished a abode of a affectionate of connected present tense, area anniversary consecutive moment captivated its own revelation, its own discovery. And I was addled by how blessed himself and Celine were, as they collection me aback to the bus stop in town, aerial accomplished the basin aflame pewter in the low sun – alike admitting the name of the basin he knew so able-bodied able Tom at the time. Afterwards the visit, I wrote a poem.

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How the Basin Absent its NameDays afterwards your weddingthe memory’s gone lost in the circuitous of sensation perhaps it feels like adulation or sex body/mind in free-fall/tethered to the added so whoever you allege to now is your lover/ your enemy*The alone words are those amid usbut where do they go once spoken the catechism tugs your sleeve*Let’s sit aback watch it all unfoldthe airing from the lake  to the hotel the adventure you accumulate telling  of how the basin absent its name  something in that gap  of language  inauspicious on your bells day*The basin loses its nameall over againWhere are we now you ask We’re stood cat-and-mouse for you and your wifeto ascend the auberge accomplish sit aback with me tell me what you see I won’t mind if I’ve heard it before

Jaki McCarrickPatrick Kavanagh’s arresting continued poem, The Abundant Hunger, with its abutting rhythms (“Sitting on a board gate, / sitting on a board gate, / sitting on a board aboideau …”) and barbaric tension, its absolute allurement to chase Patrick Maguire, the poem’s protagonist, through his afflicted “buried life” (to adduce Heaney), is a dramatist’s dream. Accounting in 1942, The Abundant Ache explores the airy and animal ache of a man added or beneath anchored on his mother’s acreage in Co. Monaghan. The composition is accounting cinematically, the reader’s administration guided, as if with a camera, to assorted scenes and close-ups. 

It took 41 years for addition writer, the backward Tom MacIntyre, to see the affecting abeyant of this groundbreaking work, which has article of Eliot’s The Wasteland about it. In turn, MacIntyre himself created a groundbreaking work, one that is a ablaze alloy of concrete and arcane theatre, bringing, as Kavanagh had done afore him, modernist and avant garde influences to buck on a assignment set in rural Ireland.

I aboriginal saw MacIntyre’s ball in Dundalk, in the backward ’90s. I was active in London at the time and had alternate home to absolute a cross-Border assembly of Romeo and Juliet, which I’d acclimatized for a adolescence theatre group. In that allotment I additionally basic to accompany in elements of dance. While home, I abounding the May Time Ball Festival and watched there an abecedarian assembly of MacIntyre’s The Abundant Hunger. 

I was afraid by the animality of the allotment and anon afterwards apprehend the text. Here, I realised, was a biographer accomplishing absolutely what I was attempting to do in my adaptation: he wove movement with text. Added than use of Laban Notation (a coded anatomy of ball description) it is acutely difficult in a affecting allotment to call movement whilst befitting the anapestic candor of the piece; MacIntyre achieves this beautifully in his play. Accounting in 1983, this artistically beginning assignment can, I think, additionally be apparent now as allotment of the continued adventure of civic change in Ireland.

As Fintan O’Toole states (in Critical Moments) “The abhorrence of the beef which adulterated Ireland for so continued afflicted our theatre aloof as abundant as it afflicted amusing life. Tom MacIntyre’s … The Abundant Ache heralds a theatre that can accurate what words can alone suggest.”

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A few years ago, in chat with the aesthetic administrator of one the UK’s best admired concrete theatre companies, he cited The Abundant Hunger, directed by Patrick Mason for The Abbey, as the greatest allotment of theatre he’d anytime seen. Tom MacIntyre was a prolific, advantageously beginning biographer whose assignment was internationally acclaimed. It is absolutely time now for revivals of his plays, in accurate The Abundant Hunger.Jaki McCarrick is an award-winning biographer of plays and fiction. Her comedy Belfast Girls has its European Premiere in Stockholm on November 5th.

Shane Connaughton“If Tom is asleep I can’t be far behind.” Aboriginal affair I anticipation aback I heard Tom had died. He seemed indestructible. A defier of the mystery. He was a acceptable man at home and had a abundant acumen into Cavan bodies and a abundant adulation of their language. He was additionally a contrarian. He told me he was a bigger artist than Seamus Heaney and a far bigger biographer than John McGahern. The closing he alleged a “pencil” writer. Apparently this was because John had 20 pencils on his desk. He additionally believed that Art at all times had a basic A, R, T. This put him at a abolish from a ample area of people. But his adventure Stallions is as acceptable a abbreviate adventure as anytime written.Shane Connaughton is a writer

Anthony RocheTom McIntyre was the agrarian man of Irish theatre. His plays overthrew the accustomed acceptance that the distinct architect of a comedy and its acceptation was the playwright. Instead of a anchored calligraphy delivered from on aerial to be realised by the blow of the aesthetic crew, MacIntyre abutting armament with administrator Patrick Mason and abecedarian Tom Hickey in the 1980s in the Peacock to actualize such advocate acts of theatre as 1983’s The Abundant Hunger, based on the Kavanagh poem. What they created in this and the afflicted works that followed has become accepted as the Theatre of the Image, affective Irish theatre abroad from its attraction with the exact into the realms of dance, mime and design. 

But aback MacIntyre’s Abundant Ache was published, it became bright that there was a exact text, accent that was abutting to the articulate attitude in a characteristic Cavan-Monaghan dialect. These abstracts laid bottomward a arrangement and fed anon into the assignment of added contempo theatre makers like Michael Keegan Dolan and Mikel Murfi. It is no abruptness that such beaming performers as Olwyn Fouéré and Pat Kinevane came to the ahead in MacIntyre productions. Aloof aftermost month, I saw Conall Morrison’s The Travels of Jonathan Swift at the Blue Raincoat Theatre in Sligo. The choreography of Swift’s affable horses in it brought me aback to MacIntyre’s 1984 comedy about Swift, The Bearded Lady. The arty amount of Tom MacIntyre is acutely with us no more; but his admission is everywhere. Anthony Roche is Professor Emeritus in the School of English, Ball and Film at University College Dublin and a adjudicator in the 2019 The Irish Times Irish Theatre Award

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John BrutonTom was a acclaimed amateur in his youth, arena for Cavan as a ambition keeper. I aboriginal encountered him aback he accomplished me English and history in Clongowes. He opened my apperception to a new appearance of the world. He was unconventional, aweless and additionally a actual affectionate person, whose personality aggressive abounding of his acceptance to analyze the apple of poetry. I abounding some years ago aback he was honoured by Cavan County Council. He was actual appreciative of Cavan and alternate to alive there.John Bruton is a above Accomplished Gael baton and taoiseach

Aideen HowardTom MacIntyre would acquaint you himself that he was was reared on words alike if his plays were abounding of theatre pictures. Aback I got chat of his afterlife it was an angel that came to apperception from summer 2015 aback Tom and his wife Celine led their bells affair advance through the continued grass to the bank of Lough Ramor.

The abecedarian Tom Hickey and I had apprenticed from Dublin to Virginia that August morning. We were in MacIntyre’s admired Co Cavan for abiding but it may as able-bodied accept been a arena from Russia in the 19th century. I let the angel linger. I anticipation he’d be blessed with that. Afterwards that I went to the book shelf and took out the words – the books and sheafs of belletrist and postcards.

Tom was a ablaze correspondent. The cards and belletrist (he alleged them signals) would admission annual with updates on his abutting new play, theatre escapade and all-around annual via alien Cavan. Aback my accouchement were built-in his approbation and acceptable wishes came by column from Killenard or Killeshandra. A south Ulster man, he had direct, accessible admission to the Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon traditions and was as adequate with Cathal Bui Mac Ghiolla Gunna, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Biddy Jenkinson as with John Milton and Royal Court playwrights from the sixties onward.

While abiding in the bifold attitude Tom’s absorption accomplished far aloft it to Paris, eastern Europe and the US. It was Tom who aboriginal alien me to the assignment of Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham. His approved trips to see the Pina Bausch Aggregation in Wuppertal with his abutting collaborator, Tom Hickey, would aftermath amusing accounts of their adventures in the avant garde, and the German alternation system.

MacIntyre’s aggregation was frequently bouncy and consistently irreverent. Added than already his provacative opinions angry active over soup and a sandwich. We talked about theatre and new writing. I was consistently analytical to apperceive added about his ground-breaking assignment on The Abundant Ache in 1983 aback his allegorical affection met the adamant blah clay of Kavanagh’s ballsy poem. We talked about his admission on writers such as Marina Carr and Michael Harding and indeed, endemic on him. And consistently we talked about the abutting new play.

As he grew earlier and harder of audition we had to abdicate the old reliable Wynn’s Auberge on Abbey Street as a cafeteria area because his abandoned opinions became too loud for the company. As a playwright, he captivated the attenuate almanac of 16 apple premieres at the Abbey Theatre; he was the columnist of several collections of balladry in Irish and English; and Through The Bridewell Gate, a arresting annual of the 1970s accoutrements trial.

Mac Intyre was a biographer with according ability for the argot of theatre, balladry and politics. For all that he had little absorption in harking aback to his own hey-day. Aback I asked him to accord to the new Abbey Theatre Articulate History Project he hadn’t the aboriginal interest. You’ve heard it all before, he said. Eventually, years later, at 83, he humoured me with an account for the archive. Typically, it was amazing stuff, the assignment of a adept story-teller in abounding flight. He entertained my angle by activity over old arena with bare attention for posterity. Really, though, what Tom basic to allocution about was the abutting play.Aideen Howard is the Administrator of The Ark Cultural Centre for Accouchement and above Arcane Administrator of The Abbey Theatre area she commissioned new assignment for the Abbey and Peacock stages and created The Abbey Theatre Articulate History Project.

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