The abuse of opiate is prevalent among so many people. They get hooked onto the substance quite early on continue to do so over a period of time. Opiates can be found in various forms and are ingested into the system and start working their way to various parts of the body especially the brain. It has been researched, the half-life of opiates is about nine hours after intake depending on the type you have consumed, and test undertaken to detect them. There are all kinds of tests that are available medically to know you have used opiates. Make use of Lighthouse Treatment Opiate Detox for getting rid of your opiate addiction.

The various tests and the days of effect

Opiate                  half-life                 test                        days

Codeine               1-4 hours             urine/blood/hair/saliva 2/12 hours/7-10 days/5-10 min

Morphine               5-6 hours         urine/blood/hair/saliva 2-4 days/6-8 hours/7-10 days/5-10 min

Hydrocodone       3-9 hours         urine/blood/hair/saliva  3 days/1 day/7-10 days/ 5-10 min

The effects on various body parts

The use of opiates for long term and its abuse has profound damage to all the organs and organ systems of the body.Make use of Lighthouse Treatment Opiate Detoxfor your drug addiction.

  • The brain is most effected which won’t be able to differentiate the wakefulness period and will be mostly in the state of drowsiness. There will opiate abusers who will be experiencing the slipping in and out of consciousness states frequently. They will have more depressive episodes due to the drug effect.
  • The breathing slows down, thus depriving the brain and body of oxygen which is vital for them to function. This can lead to organ debilitation and fatal consequences.
  • The frequent use of opiates leads to constant bouts of constipation which then causes uncontrollable vomiting in users.
  • The abuse of these pain killers who have heightened their sensitivity to pain. Over the course of usage, the nervous system will not be conditioned to facilitate the physical movements of the individual and loss of coordination is observed.
  • There is a loss of immunity as the painkiller will suppress the immune system.
  • There is serious liver damage and injury as it cannot cope with the amount of toxin that is pumped into it frequently.

It has to be known that the body tends to have a dependency on these substances which in turn become addictions over a period of time. Initially for some they may be prescription drugs gradually your brain get hooked to them as you feel that they give you a sense of wellbeing. Some of the abusers of the drug begin this way. There are other who pick it up on street or parties and eventually become addicts. But all of them end up with devastating effects on the body which sometimes are irreparable. The use of such powerful drugs such opiates have tobe monitored and there should be stringent practices put into place for procuring these medications or drugs.

Consider Adding Vitamin Supplements to Your Diet

Most people today live busy lives. It is difficult to make time for healthy eating, no mater how hard one tries. At the same time, it is increasingly important that we give our body the fuel it needs to thrive in a world that is continually being bombarded with pollutants and other unhealthy agents. While medical advances are being made that allow us to live longer, it is up to us to make the best of those years by consuming the vitamins and minerals our body needs to survive. Because of this, it is important to consider adding vitamins to our daily diet.

Consider Adding Vitamin Supplements to Your Diet

Vitamins Make It Easy

Many people do not like the taste of some healthy food. Even though you might know that something is good for you, it might be difficult to find the motivation to consume it on a regular basis. Others might find it simply too time consuming to make the food necessary to ensure that a diet is balanced and consumed daily. This is all certainly understandable, but it does not negate the fact that your body still depends on those same vitamins in order to perform at its optimal best. This is why vitamin supplements can come in so handy. They are easy to take and can form a part of your daily routine in no time at all. When you visit Health365 online for vitamins, you will find that it is easier still to maintain a supply of these supplements.

Alternative Medicine at its Best

Many people today have grown increasingly weary of big pharmaceutical companies that seem to keep supporting the taking of medicine to cure what ails the human body. While there may certainly be a time and a place for medication, it should not form the basis for our diet. If you want to live a healthy life by giving your body the nutrients that it needs to thrive, look at vitamin supplements as a way to do that. There are many common ailments that can possibly be rectified by taking vitamins on a regular basis. In addition, vitamins are a way to maintain healthy living. You might feel great today, but this is no reason to stop giving your body what it needs to keep performing at its best. By investing in a life of proper nutrition, you will be giving your body what it needs to fight off many diseases and ailments that might come at you later in life.

What you have read is just a few of the many reasons that you will want to consider taking vitamin supplements. Consider your current dietary habits and then look for the vitamins and minerals that you should be adding to your diet. You will be thankful that you made this move in the long run.