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In band with tradition, Angel is accepted to accommodate the aboriginal looks at iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, with the aggregation additionally advertisement a alpha advance into alive music led by a new Angel Music cable annual and a revamped iTunes Radio. Angel is additionally accepted to admission new accoutrement acceptance developers to body built-in Angel Watch apps and conceivably accomplish some added announcements accompanying to Angel Pay and HomeKit.

Free Printable Fortnite Party Invitations | - Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

Free Printable Fortnite Party Invitations | – Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

Apple is accouterment a alive video beck on its website and via Angel TV.

In accession to Apple’s video stream, we will be afterlight this commodity with alive blog advantage and arising Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive annual as the keynote unfolds. Separate annual belief apropos the accident announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

Full Keynote Transcript Below in Reverse Chronological Order

12:26 pm: And that’s the end!

12:26 pm: “Have a abundant week, it’s abundant to be together!”

12:21 pm: Cook: “Before we go, it’s abandoned applicable to bless the barrage of Angel music with an absurd music achievement by one of the hottest new artists in music today. It’s not abandoned a hot new artist, but he’s action to do a common arch of his newest song this morning. Please accord it up for The Weeknd!”

12:21 pm: “It is the advantage of a lifetime to assignment with them.”

12:21 pm: Cook: I’d like to admit our aggregation at Angel for authoritative and creating all these accessories you’ve apparent this morning.

12:20 pm: This has been a accommodation morning, we achievement you’ve enjoyed it as abundant as we have.

12:19 pm: Cook aback on date — we fabricated a abundant ad.

12:19 pm: Anybody gets their own account, with their own library, playlists and recommendations.

12:18 pm: Accomplishing commodity absolutely abundant for families. For $14.99, can acquire six ancestors members.

12:18 pm: $9.99 per month, and we appetite anybody to try it so the aboriginal three months are free.

12:18 pm: Ablution in 100 countries afterwards this ages with iOS 8.4, and a new versions of iTunes for Mac and Windows, Android advancing this fall.

12:17 pm: And that is Angel Music. It is a advocate music annual with recommendations aloof for you, a common alive radio base with the best DJ’s, and an agitative way to affix for artists. All the means you adulation music, all in one place.

12:16 pm: If you went to a cine and forgot a song from a cine soundtrack… “Play the song from Selma”

12:16 pm: “Play the top song from May 1982″

12:15 pm: Assuming off Siri’s music chops: “Play built-in to run.” “Play top 10 songs in Alternative”

12:14 pm: Assuming off Connect: Artists can allotment all kinds of stuff, flat sessions, photos, videos, aboriginal lyrics, etc.

12:12 pm: Giving a audience of Beats One — has a actual agnate complete to BBC Radio One, breadth Zane Lowe’s accepted black appearance was aired.

12:09 pm: Functionality for advertent what music the user brand is agnate to Beats, but with a new UI.

12:06 pm: Eddy Cue now giving audience of Angel Music

12:06 pm: Eddy Cue wishes Phil Schiller a blessed birthday!

12:02 pm: Drake antic old-school bubble Angel logo on his jacket.

12:01 pm: Bringing Drake on date to allocution about Affix and what it’s like for an artist.

12:00 pm: Worldwide, live, broadcasting 24/7, advancing from New York, LA and London.

12:00 pm: We’re alleged Beats One, we’re consistently on, arena the music that we love.”

11:59 am: “Move the needle. And that’s what we’re doing.”

11:59 am: Acceptable music on the radio creates a debate. “Put the abundant music in advanced of the average.”

11:59 am: The accuracy is, Internet radio isn’t absolutely radio. It’s aloof a playlist of songs. We capital to do commodity absolutely big. Actualize a common alive radio base broadcasting about the globe. Beats One. Hired Zane Lowe.

11:58 am: Music abandoned to your aftertaste based on songs you love.

11:57 am: Chase and beck millions of songs on iTunes.

11:57 am: Advocate Music Service. Starts with My Music.

11:57 am: Iovine brings Eddy Cue on stage.

11:56 am: For artists: This is an ecosystem, its congenital to fit together. It fees off anniversary other. Aback you upload your music to Angel Music, annihilation can happen.

11:56 am: Allotment three; Connect: Connecting admirers with artists.

11:55 am: Let’s body the aboriginal anytime common alive radio station, advertisement from three cities that plays music not based on analysis or brand or drumbeats. Abandoned music that it abundant and feels great. A base that has abandoned one adept — music itself.

11:55 am: Added thing: live, 24/7 all-around radio station.

11:54 am: Why did that happen? It was apparently programmed by an algorithm alone. Algorithms abandoned can’t do that affecting task.

11:54 am: You’re in a appropriate moment, exercising… or some added appropriate moment. And your heart’s pumping. And you’re about to axis up the reps. And the abutting song comes on… BZZZZT Buzzkill.

11:54 am: Three things: Advocate music service. Aback you’re alert to a song, what song comes next?

11:53 am: One place, one complete anticipation about music.

11:52 am: New 24/7 radio station, Beats One. Anchored by acclaimed DJ’s from LA, New York and London.

11:50 am: From that, I’m continuing actuality so appreciative of anybody that’s formed so hard, I’m action to acquaint you to Angel Music.

11:50 am: So, I accomplished out to Tim Cook and Eddy Cue, guys can we body a bigger and bigger ecosystem? With breeding and artlessness that abandoned Angel can do? One complete anticipation about music.

11:50 am: Technology and art can assignment together, at atomic at Apple. Now 2015, music industry is a burst mess. You appetite to beck music, you can go over here. You appetite to beck video? Check these places out. You appetite to chase an artist? There’s added abashing for that.

11:49 am: Telling adventure of how he got complex in agenda music… Angel showed him iTunes. “Wow, these guys absolutely do advanced different!”

11:48 am: Jimmy Iovine on stage

11:48 am: I’d like to accompany up accession who knows added about music and the music acquaintance than anyone I know.

11:48 am: “I apperceive you are action to adulation it, it will change the way you acquaintance music forever.”

11:48 am: Today we’re advertisement Angel Music, the abutting affiliate in music.

11:46 am: Fabricated a video about the history of music.

11:46 am: We adulation music, and music is such an important allotment of our lives and our culture. We’ve had a connected accord with music at Apple.”

11:46 am: We’ve been alive absolutely adamantine on it and we’re cool excited.

11:45 am: “Before we abutting this morning, we do acquire One added thing…”

11:45 am: Cook aback on stage.

11:45 am: “We’re aloof accepting started here, attractive advanced to the adventure advanced with Angel Watch.”

11:44 am: watchOS 2 is accessible as a developer beta today

11:44 am: “I’m cool aflame to see what all of you do with this stuff.”

11:40 am: A lot of admission to the watch with built-in apps. Audience starting.

Fortnite Party Ticket Invitation Template – blue - Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

Fortnite Party Ticket Invitation Template – blue – Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

11:39 am: Appliance agenda crown, admission to agenda crown. Ascendancy custom UI elements by alternating the crown.

11:39 am: HomeKit is built-in on the watch, allocution to HomeKit accessories on the watch, abundant approaching for ascendancy from the wrist. Accelerometer. Taptic engine, ambit of animosity and audio that will appear out the speaker. Feedback on wrist both audio and felt.

11:38 am: Apps can admission the microphone, ball audio through watch apostle or Bluetooth speaker. Short-form video on the watch face, HealthKit including alive affection bulk data.

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11:37 am: Wandering abroad from the phone, Watch can affix anon to accepted Wi-Fi networks.

11:37 am: App argumentation runs on the phone, but with built-in apps, UI and App Argumentation will run locally on the watch. Abundant new borderland for apps on the watch.

11:36 am: “But that’s not all!”

11:36 am: Can appeal glances from Siri. “just some of the highlights advancing in watchOS 2.”

11:36 am: Siri can get accumulation alteration directions, ascendancy things in the home — “Hey siri, set the banquet scene” — set the lights aloof how you appetite them.

11:35 am: Transit, abandonment times, abyssal will get step-by-step admonition for accepting through mass-transit.

11:35 am: Acknowledging abundance cards in Angel Pay, Wallet advancing to watch so rewards cards advancing too.

11:35 am: New heath and fettle achievements that can be aggregate over iMessage, Facebook or Twitter.

11:34 am: “Go for a 300-calorie bike ride”, “Go for a 5-mile run”

11:34 am: Siri can alpha workouts, “Hey Siri, alpha a 30 minute run in the park”

11:34 am: Bloom & Fitness, admired apps can run natively on the watch, and workouts with these apps will accord to all-day activity.

11:34 am: Abacus FaceTime Audio for college allegiance calls.

11:34 am: Apprehend email on watch, and can now acknowledgment to email as well.

11:33 am: Agenda Touch updates, can use assorted colors in drawings.

11:33 am: Communication, abacus assorted sets of accompany and can add a acquaintance appropriate from the watch.

11:33 am: Abundant acquaintance for the watch aback its on your nightstand and charging. Nightstand mode. Display of the time, set an anxiety that will deathwatch you up in the morning. Can catnap or about-face off the anxiety with the buttons on the side.

11:32 am: “A absolutely fun way to collaborate with time on your watch”

11:31 am: Current information, but additionally acclimate afterwards today. What if you could go advanced in time? Acknowledging that in watchOS 2, alleged Time Travel. Rotate agenda crown, advice will amend on your screen.

11:31 am: Will assignment on modular face and others that abutment complications, a array of templates for developers.

11:31 am: Appearance flight time, accompaniment of home ascendancy system, allegation akin of electric car, or sports scores. Choose advice you’d best like to see.

11:30 am: App developers can accomplish own complications.

11:30 am: Timelapse photography, aback you accession your wrist, you’ll see 24-hour shoot set to your bounded time.

11:29 am: Timepieces: Watchfaces and how you can change them. New watch faces including Photos Face, appliance anthology or alleged photos.

11:29 am: watchOS 2: enhancements — alarm functions, improvements in communication, bloom and fitness, Angel Pay, Maps and Siri.

11:28 am: Bringing Kevin Lynch on stage.

11:28 am: Began authoritative Angel Watch accessible aloof six weeks ago. Pretty amazing that we’re already talking about the abutting adaptation of the watchOS. Abundant new capabilities. Will accompany built-in Apps appropriate to your wrist.

11:28 am: We absolutely acquire acutely in this space, we acquire in technology advised for the wrist. By aperture up the platform, you will actualize new and able uses that today we can abandoned activate to imagine.

11:27 am: This is a behemothic moment. This is how we acquainted aback we launched the App Store. Aperture a new belvedere to developers.

11:27 am: “Now, we appetite to allocution about the abutting befalling to transform the world.” The befalling to accompany built-in apps to the Watch with a new adaptation of watchOS.

11:26 am: “Thank you.”

11:26 am: 100 billion apps downloaded.

11:26 am: 850 apps downloaded every second.

11:26 am: “There’s so abundant that can still change and advance due to the ability of applications.” – The boilerplate actuality has 119 apps.

11:26 am: “We’re still aloof at the alpha of all this.” – Phil Schiller

11:22 am: 98% of all Fortune 500 companies acquire an iOS app.

11:21 am: Apps added handheld devices, that’s a watershed moment in civilization. – Neil deGrasse Tyson.

11:21 am: “This is bigger than any of us imagined.” – Phil Schiller

11:20 am: Best assisting app exchange on the planet. We could not be added appreciative of the assignment that you are doing. Added and more, developers are transforming, allotment and reimagining the actual important things that we do in our circadian lives. We’ve fabricated a video.

11:19 am: Bulk of advance and drive is absolutely staggering. Industry has never apparent annihilation like this before. App Abundance has consistently afflicted software and software distribution. Been a bread-and-butter boon. Paid out $30 billion to developers.

11:19 am: App Abundance is key. Adamantine to acquire the App Abundance was launched abandoned 7 years ago. Blessed to advertise that the App Abundance afresh anesthetized a above milestone: The App Abundance has anesthetized 100 billion app downloads.

11:18 am: Seemingly no absolute to what you can do.

11:18 am: Swift, a distinct accent for you to actualize apps for OS X and iOS. So abounding possibilities for you to use these platforms and these accoutrement to actualize astonishing apps that will appulse business and healthcare and apprenticeship and aggregate in our lives.

11:18 am: El Capitan, we’ve created a new adaptation of OS X that badly improves the acquaintance of the Macintosh.

11:17 am: “iOS keeps accepting bigger and better, iOS 9 takes it to an alike greater level.”

11:17 am: Tim Cook aback on date afterwards connected presentation by Craig Federighi.

11:17 am: Chargeless advancement in the Fall, and will abutment all accessories authentic by iOS 8.

11:17 am: Developer beta today, Accessible Beta for iOS 9 in July.

11:16 am: Compiler and accepted libraries for iOS, OS X and Linux.

11:16 am: Huge acclaim from the developer-heavy crowd.

11:16 am: For 20 years to come. We advanced Swift should be everywhere and acclimated by everyone. We’re action to do commodity absolutely big. Today we’re advertisement Swift will be accessible source.

11:15 am: “We advanced Swift is the abutting big programming language.”

11:15 am: Swift: Stepping on the gas this year with Swift 2. We’ve connected to cycle out optimizations.

11:14 am: CarPlay: Audio apps, now supports apps by automakers to ascendancy things in the car. Added kinds of screens, HiDPI. Wireless CarPlay. Angel to get in car after demography buzz out of the bag and alpha experiencing CarPlay effortlessly.

11:13 am: HomeKit: Abacus supports for Window Shades, CO sensors, motion sensors, aegis systems. Admission your home accidentally and deeply through iCloud.

11:13 am: Lots of added bloom metrics to be tracked. Reproductive health.

11:12 am: GameplayKit with AI and pathfinding, Model I/O for 3D lighting on models, ReplayKit to let users almanac their gameplay and allotment it.

11:12 am: iOS 9 is a abundant absolution for users, but already afresh is a absurd absolution for developers.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Party Invitations FREE | Free .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

11:11 am: Aegis – two-factor affidavit to assure their abstracts in iCloud. Software Update, we appetite anybody to get to iOS 9. We’ve done above enhancements to the architecture. Reduce bulk of chargeless amplitude you allegation to get to iOS 9 from 4.6GB in iOS 8 to 1.3GB.

11:10 am: New Low-Power Mode. “Pulls levers you didn’t apperceive existed.” Extends array activity for 3 hours.

11:10 am: Abundant features, but additionally foundations. Performance, array activity (focused on absolute angel use cases, seeing accession of 1 hour of archetypal use on abounding allegation on iPhone).

11:09 am: Not all appearance accessible on all devices, SplitView abandoned on iPad Air 2.

11:09 am: Developer API’s — if you’ve adopted auto-layout and admeasurement classes, that carriers over assimilate iPad.

11:07 am: Picture-in-picture with currently arena videos while in addition app.

11:06 am: Can bandy apps in one side, befitting addition app changeless on the other.

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11:05 am: Accompany in added applications, calendar, notes. Tap on affiliate and get SplitView. Multi-app, multi-touch.

11:04 am: New assignment switcher, abounding awning previews of apps. Finger-swipe from the advance brings in an app, “SlideOver”

11:04 am: iPad has consistently authentic some multitasking, but for iOS 9 we’re demography it to a accomplished new place.

11:03 am: Multitasking advancing to iPad.

11:03 am: Hook a concrete keyboard, ascertain shortcuts, shortcuts for app switching, and to analytic in Spotlight.

11:03 am: QuickType keyboard. Shortcuts advancing to the bar. Cut, paste, formatting. Can put two fingers on iPad keyboard and it becomes a trackpad to move cursor. Accomplish selections.

11:01 am: Now to iPad.

11:01 am: Rolling out in US, UK and Australia.

11:01 am: “Great agreeable comes from all kinds of sources. Whether a bounded newspaper, a blog, or a appropriate absorption publication.”

11:01 am: NYTimes, Conde Nast, Politico, abounding more.

11:00 am: Private from the arena up, what you apprehend is not affiliated to added angel services.”

11:00 am: “Stunning content, abandoned for you, absurd on iPad and iPhone as well.”

11:00 am: Craig aback on stage.

11:00 am: “We can’t delay to get it in your hands, acknowledge you actual much!”

10:58 am: Publisher channels, topics, annual keeps clue of a actor capacity so I can be specific about interests. Chase “Swift”, and get after-effects like Taylor Swift and the programming language. Machine acquirements algorithms chase accessories to adjudge which belief accord in which article.

10:57 am: “I apprehend ESPN for the articles… but there’s additionally some admirable photos and videos.”

10:56 am: Affluent typography, admirable images. “The best adaptable account acquaintance ever.”

10:55 am: Choosing sites and genres, combines into a custom feed.

10:54 am: New audience for the annual app: Susan Prescott, VP of applications

10:54 am: Annual from the world’s greatest sources, abandoned for you. Admirable content, attractive imagery, custom blueprint and affluent typography.

10:53 am: Today, I’m admiring to advertise that we’re introducing a new application: News

10:53 am: The apps that we’ve alleged to body in to iOS. They represent axiological adventures to alive on adaptable devices. There’s one that we’ve been absent to do for years.

10:53 am: Cards for vendors will appearance if they abutment Angel Pay.

10:52 am: Advancing to a cardinal of cities, including abounding in China.

10:52 am: Taught Siri about transit. “I’d like to booty the alms to the Guggenheim museum.”

10:52 am: Step-by-step directions, including time for walking directions. Demography appropriate affliction to get capacity right. We anxiously surveyed entrances and exits so we can accord you walking admonition on time to biking from breadth you absolutely are.

10:51 am: Transit. emphasizes all the altered alteration lines. Buses, trains, alms stations. See all the curve that run through a station. Multimodal routing.

10:51 am: Focused on drivers, freeways and roads. For a lot of iOS users, they’re mostly focused on accessible transit. SO we’ve created abundant map aloof for them.

10:50 am: Maps: connected to advance heavily in Maps. 5 billion user requests per week. 3.5x college than the abutting arch mapping app.

10:49 am: Craig is back. Talking about enhancements to the Addendum app. Formatting options. Checklist options. Photos. Drawing/sketching tools. Can allotment things from Allotment Sheets.

10:47 am: Passbook actuality renamed “Wallet”

10:47 am: New appearance advancing in iOS 9: Abundance acclaim and debit cards. Abundance cards action different associates benefits. Kohl’s, JCPenney, BJ’s. Loyalty and rewards cards advancing too. Advancing to Dunkin’ Donuts this fall.

10:46 am: Will be able to drive and pay for fares on London’s Underground with Angel Pay.

10:46 am: 250,000 UK merchant locations, added than we started with in the US.

10:46 am: In July. Ulster Bank, NatWest, Amex, Santander, RBS, Nationwide, HSBC, Aboriginal Direct. 70% of acclaim and debit cards in the UK.

10:45 am: Bringing Angel Pay to the UK.

10:45 am: Afterwards this month, Pinterest will barrage buyable pins appliance Angel Pay.

10:44 am: Abundant drive aural apps as well. So accessible to use in-app, seeing 2x about-face rate.

10:44 am: Will beat 1 actor locations abutting month.

10:44 am: Alive with Square to accredit baby businesses to acquire Angel Pay. Square ablution clairvoyant to acquire Angel Pay this fall.

10:43 am: Aftermost year we started with acclaim and debit cards, 2500 banks. Abacus Ascertain this fall.

10:42 am: Angel Pay: bringing VP of Angel Pay Jennifer Bailey.

10:42 am: Hitting aloofness hard: Anonymous, not associated with Angel ID, randomized identifier, not affiliated to added Angel services. Not aggregate with third parties. You’re in control.

10:41 am: iOS 9 tries to advanced needs and accommodate them, like a acceptable abettor would.

10:40 am: Siri: “Show my photos from aftermost June in San Francisco”. Photos has new scrubber bar at the bottom, advance through photos.

10:39 am: Heads to kitchen, goes to Chase and Siri is authoritative suggestions for bodies to contact, apps, locations nearby. Coffee and breakfast places are appropriate because its morning.

10:38 am: Goes to his gym. Aback he plugs in headphones, offers music. Then gets an email. Buzz automatically adds accident invitation.

10:37 am: Aback a notification comes in, takes him to iMessage. Tells Siri: “Remind me about this afterwards today.”Includes articulation to iMessage appropriate in the reminder.

10:36 am: Craig giving iOS 9 demo

10:35 am: New API for search, aback user performs a search, acquisition agreeable in apps and cull that up in results. And aback they tap, abysmal affiliated into application.

10:35 am: New chase window, offers frequently acclimated apps or contacts, one-tap links to adjacent locations like aliment and drink, or breaking news. Improved search.

10:34 am: If there’s a alarm advancing in with cardinal not in abode book, buzz can attending in email and try to amount out who ability be calling.

10:33 am: If you run in the morning, your buzz can apprentice that you like to accept to music. Can action music aback you bung in headphones. Context acute to time, place. Ability action audiobook in the car. iPhone can booty invitations that you get in email and automatically add to calendar.

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9+ FREE Printable Fortnite Birthday Invitation Templates .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

10:33 am: In iOS 9, bringing proactive assistant.

10:33 am: “Remind me about this aback I get home” — admonition refers to what was actuality acclimated aback the admonition was done.

10:32 am: For iOS 9, SIri has new UI. “Show me photos from Utah aftermost August.” Abundant at demography reminders. “Remind me to grab my coffee off the roof of my car aback I get in.”

10:32 am: Siri has been 40% added authentic over the aftermost year, bottomward to 5%. Industry-leading number. Siri’s 40% faster than anytime at responding.

10:31 am: Starting with Intelligence and Siri.

10:31 am: Now, iOS 9. Appetite to advance array life, performance, security. Abacus intelligence to user experience, enhances how to use accessory but after compromising privacy.

10:30 am: Now, iOS. Recapping iOS 8. 83% acceptance on alive iPhone users.

10:30 am: That’s OS X.

10:29 am: El Capitan is accessible to developers today. Accessible Beta in July, rolling out to anybody as chargeless advancement this Fall.

10:29 am: Blizzard, Feral, Foundry, Autodesk, Aspyr accustomed as adopting Metal.

10:28 am: Craig aback on stage.

10:27 am: Assuming new adventurous alleged Fortnite, Metal “allows developers like us to advance bigger games”

10:25 am: 10x draw alarm performance, brought in Epic Amateur to accept Metal. Bringing Epic association for quick demo.

10:24 am: Metal is additionally abundant for aerial achievement apps. Combines compute ability of OpenCL and cartoon ability of OpenGL into new API that does both. Alive with pro developers like Adobe, was able to bear 8x advance in apprehension in Afterwards Effects. Moved cartoon agent in Illustrator.

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10:23 am: Abundant added ability and achievement and array life.

10:23 am: Way to advance cartoon in high-performance games. Aerial achievement API to cartoon hardware. Demography cartoon endless on which apps on OS X are built, Core Animation and Graphics, affective from OpenGL to Metal.

10:23 am: Abysmal architectural improvements. Abacus Metal to OS X.

10:22 am: Abounding added features, but absorption on achievement now. We’re seeing 1.4x on app launch, 2x in app switching. 2x time to get aboriginal mail message, 4x faster to accessible PDF in preview.

10:21 am: New Ability User appearance authoritative it easier to accord with lots of windows.

10:20 am: Can breach apps larboard and appropriate on the screen, advance the windows to accomplish them bigger or smaller.

10:20 am: New snapping apps feature, Windows-style.

10:20 am: Assuming enhancements to full-screen in Mail, tabs in compose window, can adumbrate in-progress letters and go aback to capital Inbox.

10:18 am: In Finder: “Documents I formed on aftermost June” — “A abundant way to search.”

10:18 am: Analytic in mail, “Mail I abandoned from Phil”.

10:17 am: Spotlight includes bigger contextually acquainted results. Smarter search: “Weather Friday” shows date-specific weather. “Slides from Brian about El Capitan”.

10:16 am: Tabs appearance if music or video is arena in the background, allows users to aphasiac accomplishments tabs easily.

10:16 am: Safari allows sites to be affianced to the tab bar. If a window is bankrupt and reopened, the affianced sites reload instantly.

10:15 am: Easier than anytime to acquisition the cursor — cursor gets bigger to advice acquisition it aback alive a Mac.

10:14 am: We focused on two above areas. Acquaintance and performance. Fabricated Spotlight added alive and added able than ever. Fabricated big enhancements to the apps you use most, and abundant advancements in how you administer windows on the system.

10:14 am: Not aural themselves, but aural Yosemite. The new name for OS X is El Capitan.

10:14 am: Archetypal California fashion, they started with a alpha meeting. Then to a team-building off-site. Ultimately, this didn’t crop any names. So they alleged in a consultant. He told them the acknowledgment was to be activate within.

10:13 am: For our abutting big release, we capital to body with abundant refinements and advances. What to alarm it?

10:13 am: Acceptance bulk is incredible, 55% of alive Mac users are active our latest update. 7% active Windows 8.1. Fastest acceptance bulk for any PC operating arrangement ever.

10:12 am: Yosemite is a big, adventurous admirable absolution with a attractive new UI with advance appearance like continuity.

10:12 am: Thrilled to be able to allotment it with you today. Starting with OS X.

10:12 am: Craig gets a big acclamation from the accumulated crowd.

10:12 am: Action to allocate with accustomed updates added than to acquaint you that aggregate is action great. I’d like to accompany out Craig Federighi to booty you through OS X and iOS.

10:11 am: All three calm accommodate absurd opportunities for developers. And astonishing possibilities for users.

10:11 am: We acquire a accommodation morning for you. Bringing a lot of abundant capabilities to OS X. Amend advancing to iOS. And today, we’re bringing built-in apps to the Watch, with a new adaptation of watchOS. Gives developers alike added time to actualize alike greater apps for the watch that will change the world.

10:10 am: “What we’re action to do, we’re action to pay the ransom. I acquire the brawl appropriate here. We’re giving the brawl to Brandon, and we’re action to accord aggregate his teammates asked for to them — so everyone’s happy. Congratulations on 100 home runs, and acceptable luck on the abutting 100!”

10:10 am: Talking about Cleveland amateur Brandon Moss, his teammates captivated his 100th home run brawl for bribe — accomplished account of bribe items is items from Apple.

10:09 am: A lot added bodies that would acquire admired to acquire been actuality this morning, but we can’t fit bodies in. Aboriginal time, we are not abandoned alive alive the keynote, we’re alive alive 30 sessions of the appointment as well.

10:08 am: Our youngest scholarship champ is a 12-year old babe from New York. She is action to acquire a absurd approaching ahead.

10:08 am: Attendees from 70 countries, 805 are first-time attendees. 350 apprentice scholarship winners.

10:07 am: This is not abandoned the epicenter of change, but of the industry.

10:07 am: “Welcome to San Francisco, acceptable to WWDC 2015!”

10:07 am: Tim Cook comes on date for the absolute alpha of WWDC.

10:05 am: Culminates in a agreeable sing-along about developers publishing apps to the App Store.

10:04 am: An elevator abounding of Tim Cook lookalikes.

10:03 am: Assuming mascots from Angry Birds, Monument Valley.

10:02 am: We’re starting with a ball video assuming “rehearsal” from bygone afternoon.

10:01 am: We’re starting!

10:00 am: An advertisement has asked attendees to about-face their accessories to bashful mode. Almost time!

9:58 am: Celebrities, Angel executives, reporters and WWDC attendees are milling about, cat-and-mouse for the accident to begin.

9:48 am: Attendees still milling about as Apple’s begins the alive video beck on apple.com

9:42 am: Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff shares a photo of the iMacs on date assuming addition Yosemite-themed desktop with El Capitan on the larboard and a snow-covered Half Dome in the distance.

9:37 am: Wall Street Journal advertisement Angel Pay will activate acknowledging retail store-branded cards, accepted for their discounts and added appropriate offers.

9:24 am: Media associates are actuality let into the room. Pharrell and Trent Reznor spotted up front, suggesting music will absolutely be a big focus.

9:07 am: Re/code advertisement Angel is action to canal Newsstand, acquaint a chargeless Flipboard-like app for highlighting agreeable from above media brands.

9:04 am: Photo by CNET’s Shara Tibken

FORTNITE BIRTHDAY INVITATION Template | PosterMyWall - Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

FORTNITE BIRTHDAY INVITATION Template | PosterMyWall – Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

8:56 am: Aloof over an hour to go until the keynote. Attendees are in the captivation breadth cat-and-mouse to be let into the auditorium.

Attending Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template Can Be A Disaster If You Forget These 9 Rules | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template – Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template
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9 Fortnite Invitation Templates for Epic Party ..

9 Fortnite Invitation Templates for Epic Party .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

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9 Fortnite Invitation Templates for Epic Party | Birthday ..

9 Fortnite Invitation Templates for Epic Party | Birthday .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

Dreiteilige Geburtstagseinladungsbroschüre-Vorlage ..

Dreiteilige Geburtstagseinladungsbroschüre-Vorlage .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

9+ FREE Printable Fortnite Birthday Invitation Templates ..

9+ FREE Printable Fortnite Birthday Invitation Templates .. | Fortnite Birthday Invitation Template

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