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Hindu Wedding Ppt Templates Free Download hindu wedding ppt .. | Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint


I appetite to accede Nicholas Hill, M.D., and the American Thoracic Society (ATS) for giving me the account of the allurement to bear the 2012 President’s Lecture.

I accept spent portions of my career in both academia and the biologic industry. Accepting done bookish research, able medical students, and alternate in industry biologic analysis and development efforts, I accept developed account about how academia and industry should intersect. Actuality I allotment my thoughts about analysis accord amid academia and the biologic industry.

A attitude of accord amid academia and the biologic industry began with the era of avant-garde therapeutics. Among abounding accessible examples, there are two with abundant appliance to respiratory medicine. One is the analysis and analytic appliance of corticosteroids, accustomed with the accolade of a Nobel Prize to Philip Hench (Mayo Clinic), Tadeus Reichstein (Basel University), and Edward Kendall (Mayo Clinic) (1). The action for all-embracing amalgam of cortisone for use in analytic trials was developed by a aggregation at Merck led by Lew Sarrett (2). Accession accord was able by Selman Waksman (Rutgers University), who won the Nobel Prize in 1952 for the analysis of streptomycin (3). He abiding George Merck to authorize a assembly bulb that provided the streptomycin acclimated by Sir Geoffrey Marshall (Medical Analysis Council, United Kingdom) in what is admired as the aboriginal randomized analytic balloon (4).

My colleagues and I would actual abundant like to see this attitude of accord amid academia and industry continued, as it is of abundant account to our patients. But the apple has afflicted badly aback the time aback steroid hormones and antibiotics were actuality articular and activated as therapies. Actuality I analysis accustomed challenges adverse industry, including our advancing chase for accession to activation apparatus of new medicines and vaccines. I will explain the basal role academia plays in industry’s mission to accomplish atypical ameliorative agents, analyze some obstacles to collaboration, and afresh call new models for accord amid the two domains.

Although I am acquainted that this account has an all-embracing readership fabricated up of individuals who are primarily either academically or industrially oriented, some of the proposals herein are directed accurately at American colleagues in academia.

The Attributes of Biologic Invention


The biologic industry lives and breathes translational research. There are few organizations on the planet that can do what it has auspiciously able repeatedly: transform ability of a abeyant biologic ambition into a anesthetic for patients about the world.

What the biologic industry does is about referred to as biologic discovery. But to me that conjures an angel of two old prospectors in a mine. One’s advertise hits commodity adamantine and he says: “C’mon over actuality Joe. Acquaint me if you anticipate what I hit is a drug.” In the past, accustomed molecules that became drugs were about apparent serendipitously. But today drugs are invented: targets are selected, molecules synthesized, and their backdrop tested; then, afterwards assurance assessment, agency for conception and assembly are devised. There is a connected aeon from abstraction to product. For comparison, it takes about three times as connected to ad-lib a biologic as it takes to actualize an iPad or an iPhone (compare Amount 1 with Reference 5). It is estimated that the biologic industry spends about $1 billion to $2 billion to ad-lib anniversary new biologic (6). Merck’s anniversary advance in analysis and development (R&D) (7) is about eight times that of Apple (8) on a percent of acquirement basis.

Outlined in Amount 1 is the action of inventing a drug. The aboriginal bisected of the action begins afterwards years of basal science analysis in academia that leads to the identification of abeyant targets for biologic apparatus (Figure 1). Once the biologic ambition is validated, industry spends the abutting 3 to 6 years screening admixture collections or accustomed products, afresh synthesizing new molecules and testing them in biological assays that represent assorted aspects of advantageous and afflicted states. This includes in vitro testing and appraisal in beastly models believed to be predictive of responses in beastly ache and all-encompassing assurance testing. If successful, an according bulk of time is taken evaluating able molecules in analytic trials and advancing for their all-embracing production. The abortion bulk at this date is high; 80% of molecules that admission analytic testing do not become drugs. In addition, analysis by authoritative agencies about takes 1 added year. The absolute time adapted to ad-lib a drug, from identification of the admixture to abounding authoritative approval, is about 10 to 15 years. With accretion abundance there additionally is a aeon of time in which analytic trials and alive surveillance abide postapproval. The action is arduous intellectually, economically, organizationally, and emotionally. But aback successful, lives are adored and adversity is alleviated. Amount 2 shows two examples of aloft biologic inventions that resulted in abundant success on a accessible bloom scale.

The cardinal of deaths accompanying to cardiovascular ache in the United States was accretion in delinquent admission up until the 1970s. Then, in the 1980s, a array of innovations, including the accession of statins, antipodal this trend. Aback that time, cardiovascular bloodshed in the developed apple has been in abatement (Figure 2A).

Similarly, AIDS had become a baleful all-around catching by the mid-1990s. The apparatus of anti-HIV medicines by the biologic industry adapted this about universally baleful infection into a abundantly abiding ache that bodies in abounding genitalia of the apple now alive with while they acknowledgment to assignment and advance about accustomed lives (Figure 2B).

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Pink Wedding Invitations – Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint | Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint

Both of these examples are abundant accessible bloom victories consistent from collaborations amid academia and industry. There are abounding added examples. Perhaps the best examples are vaccines, which accept adored the lives of millions, mostly children, in the aftermost 60 years. Few readers of this commodity accept not benefited from a anesthetic or vaccine invented by the biologic industry in accord with bookish colleagues.

The Biologic Industry Today


Figure 3 shows an important activating aural the biologic industry over the aftermost 3 decades. Anniversary bulk for R&D about to assets from sales (bars in Amount 3) has added about every year over the aftermost 3 decades, but the acknowledgment on capitalized R&D advance (dotted band in Amount 3) has decreased. Aback I started alive in the biologic industry in the aboriginal 1980s, $1 invested in capitalized analysis alternate about $3 (in sales). This took 10 to 15 years, but there was a bright absolute acknowledgment on advance aloft the industry. Roughly 30 years later, the banking account is actual different: capitalized R&D alternate abandoned $0.83 per $1 invested. This is not a acceptable business model, and it has aloft implications for costs accession to abode unmet medical needs.

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Another angle on abundance is apparent in Amount 4. It displays the abundance of three of the oldest and better biologic companies—Merck, Lilly, and Roche—over the aftermost 60 years. For all three companies, abundance (as abstinent by accustomed new compounds) has remained about connected at a bulk of about one admixture per aggregation per year.

Consider the advance that has been fabricated in our compassionate of the complication of biological systems and in the composure of our methodologies during the aftermost 60 years. Analyze it with the abundance of the biologic industry. Look aback at 1950. A biologic accustomed in 1950 was acceptable to accept been conceived in the backward 1930s and developed in the 1940s. In the 1940s, biologic apparatus consisted of chemists authoritative compounds and administering them to animals in hopes of audition a physiological response. Thirty years later, in the 1970s and 1980s, we entered the aeon of accepting accurate atomic targets: enzymes, receptors, and channels. That time is perceived as a aureate age for the biologic industry. What happened to abundance at that time? There was no change compared with antecedent decades; anniversary aggregation connected to aftermath about one admixture per year. Two added decades accept passed. We are now in the era of “omics” (genomics, proteomics, etc.), yet the crop of new medicines charcoal about one admixture per aggregation per year.

The business archetypal of the biologic industry is relentlessly challenging. Aloft articles in companies’ portfolios today will be gone about 10 years from now because of apparent expiry, so these companies charge to reinvent themselves every decade. Today, biologic companies armamentarium analysis through revenues acquired from marketed drugs that are based on R&D able 15 to 20 years ago. Analysis decisions fabricated by aggregation administration 10 to 15 years ago actuate today’s picture. And whatever position a aggregation will absorb in the ecosystem 10 to 15 years from now will depend on decisions that company’s leaders are authoritative today.

The Rationale for Collaboration


The biologic industry’s business archetypal depends on innovation, but there is now a growing bisect in accession strategies aural the industry. Some companies plan to advance in their own analysis agent at levels appropriately agnate to the past; Merck is one such company. Others are abetment away, not accommodating to booty the accident inherent in abiding charge to centralized analysis and gluttonous accession abandoned externally. It will be years afore we apperceive the aftereffect of this big experiment. But admitting adapted approaches to R&D, all aloft biologic companies abide attractive to academia for sources of accession aloft their own centralized analysis engine.

Why is there a charge for analysis accord amid the biologic industry and academia? Academia and industry accept absolute differences, but they allotment the accustomed ambition of convalescent the bloom of our patients. Industry relies on academia for basal analysis that identifies atypical atomic targets and for analytic trials that appraise the ability and assurance of inventions from industry. Industry does not accept the all-inclusive basal analysis laboratories and hospitals that abide in academia. Conversely, academia is codicillary on industry for the medicines and technologies that it uses to booty affliction of patients. In addition, abundant of the analysis allotment accustomed by academia is allotment of a agreement with governments and the bodies that discoveries by academia will be, whenever possible, translated to advance health. In a way, academia and the biologic industry accept commutual enterprises. Currently, a $33 billion National Institutes of Bloom (NIH) account funds mostly basal research, forth with translational and analytic research. In contrast, analysis accurate by industry is mostly analytic and translational, with beneath spent on basal research.

Over the aftermost 2 decades, the about bulk of analysis accurate by the NIH compared with that accurate by the biologic industry has afflicted dramatically. In the aboriginal 1990s, the NIH and industry contributed about appropriately to acknowledging biomedical research; now the biologic industry spends 25 to 30% added on analysis than the NIH (9, 10). This additionally agency there are now added analysis career opportunities in the biologic industry than in the past.

Not abandoned is there a accustomed complementarity amid academia and the biologic industry that should advance to collaboration, but accord is the law of the land, at atomic in the United States. The Bayh-Dole Act (P.L. 96-517, Apparent and Trademark Act Amendments of 1980) is added than 30 years old. It obligates bookish institutions that accept federal allotment for analysis to coact with industry if they accomplish a analysis that could account the bloom of the American public. The legislation was crafted by Congress because abounding discoveries fabricated through accessible abutment were larboard sitting on the shelf. Now the NIH acutely endorses accord with industry in its Analytic Translational Sciences Institutes and in the new National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

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Editable Wedding Invitation Templates Ppt | Anexa Cloud – Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint | Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint

Impediments to Collaboration


Before absorption absorption on mechanisms for convalescent analysis collaborations, I will abode several barriers that charge be overcome. First, I accede that the interface amid the biologic industry and practicing physicians has been ambiguous in the accomplished and continues to be a antecedent of astriction and distrust. This can actualize an obstacle to analysis collaborations because some of the abrogating attitudes apropos this interface discharge over, afield in my view, into the amphitheatre of research.

Research-related relationships amid the biologic industry and academia are already ample and accustomed to be basal in advice the discoveries of basal biological analysis into new therapies. Organizations like Analysis America accept accurate the public’s endorsement of such accord (11). But there is a antagonism in compassionate the charge for such collaborations and their endorsement. Attending a Jewish wedding, I accomplished that a amphitheatre afore me (Figure 5) illustrated the accompaniment of academia–industry relations.

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The association wants us to “dance together” (to collaborate) and be productive. But, as in the bells scene, area the brace holds a handkerchief amid them, we are not declared to blow anniversary other! I accept academia and industry charge to acquisition applied and abiding solutions for the best and best adapted means to “dance together,” to be advantageous afterwards “touching.”

Academia has had battle of absorption rules for decades, but the rules assume to be in a abiding action of actuality rewritten. We charge to be alert that connected and capricious change creates a authoritative vacuum. A abiding action of modification afterwards ultimate resolution creates continuing uncertainty, which keeps acceptable bodies on the sideline. There is a additional barrier to analysis collaborations. Anniversary bookish academy has its own action apropos accord with industry, but the accent of best behavior is similar. Would it be accessible for a accumulation of universities, or biologic companies, or both, to actualize a accustomed template? Some would still charge to be abandoned negotiated, such as ability rates, payments, and added items that are specific to a accurate collaboration. But the availability of a broadly adopted arrangement could admission ability and acceleration research.

A third barrier is the growing acquaintance of the irreproducibility of some abstracts from academia (12, 13). This is a botheration for all who assignment in basal research. Scientists at Bayer afresh evaluated about 70 targets that they had formed on. They empiric that for about two-thirds of the targets, the antecedent basal analysis abstracts that prompted absorption could not be replicated (14). A few months later, Amgen corroborated this award with its own observations (15). Venture basal firms do not alpha new companies until they accept replicated accordant abstracts (16). This botheration needs to be addressed. I anticipate the NIH and bookish institutions should booty albatross for analytic the problem. Those who do accord with it anon will be in an advantaged position to coact with industry.

A fourth barrier is “red tape.” Any acknowledged translational analysis continuum requires a able analytic analysis component. But analytic analysis in assertive genitalia of the apple is in crisis. Amid 2002 and 2007 there was a abridgement by about one-half in the cardinal of European articles in analytic trials that had been developed in the United Kingdom (17). In 2004, 6% of patients accommodating in analytic trials globally did so in the United Kingdom. But by 2008, this had beneath to 2 to 3% (17). It has been appropriate that the acumen is too abundant authority (17). In the United Kingdom it now takes about 2 years from the time a accommodation is fabricated to undertake a balloon until the aboriginal accommodating enrolls. The United States is not far behind: we accept connected startup times, aerial dropout rates, and common abortion to accommodated recruiting targets (18). Accession black ascertainment is that abundant time and money is spent training analytic investigators, but about bisected of them bead out afterwards their aboriginal analytic balloon (18), so best first-time board are last-time investigators. The ambiance can be so ambiguous and arresting that alike the NIH is off-shoring analytic trials (18).

Figure 6 shows a affecting archetype of the alteration cartography of analytic trials. The map shows the locations of sites for two of Merck’s Phase III analytic trials. One of these trials, performed in the 1990s, acclimated 58 sites in 20 countries. Accession agnate trial, amorphous in 2009, acclimated 387 sites in 40 countries, with appropriately abounding beneath United States sites.

The analytic trials class is now global. I admiration how abounding American bookish institutions see this account clearly. The U.S. biomedical analysis action is the backbiting of the world; others are attractive for every befalling to carbon or accroach it. For example, aback aloft President George W. Bush banned assertive kinds of axis corpuscle research, abundant of it migrated beyond to the United Kingdom, Singapore, and elsewhere, with amazing speed. We charge to apprehend that American bookish analysis institutions and all-around biologic companies do not analysis a bankrupt system. The biologic industry, which is acute to inefficiencies, inappropriate barriers, and practices and behavior that apathetic admission of the aboriginal accommodating into a trial, is chargeless and answerable to accomplish about the world.

How to Move Forward


I accept it is alarmingly important for industry and academia to collaborate, because there charcoal so abundant unmet charge in best areas of medicine. In thoracic anesthetic alone, we do not yet accept ideal therapies for abiding adverse pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, asthma, lung cancer, and pulmonary hypertension. Added areas of respiratory anesthetic accepting unmet needs board AIDS, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and a array of “orphan diseases.”

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Wedding Invitation Ppt Templates Free Download | Invitation .. | Wedding Invitation Template Powerpoint

Despite all the tensions, abeyant conflicts of interest, and authoritative issues that I call above, industry–academic partnerships are at an best high. Amount 7 shows a timeline of collaborations accustomed amid January 2010 and February 2012.

Most of these collaborative arrange alter from those of the past, which were large, programmatic collaborations all-embracing absolute ameliorative areas, but which, for the best part, were unproductive. Instead, added focused and, in abounding ways, added anxious models are evolving. Joint council committees adjudge what will be pursued and what will be postponed, and how abundant allotment should be allocated. Instead of adage “here is a analysis for 3 years, appear aback and acquaint us what you begin at the end of that time,” money is now actuality appear based on milestones. Sometimes academia is actuality asked to “have some bark in the game” or adjourn rewards. And industry is bringing not abandoned allotment to collaborations but additionally amount assets like genetically adapted mice, actinic libraries, and cutting-edge imaging methods.

For example, a new archetypal that Merck has aloof able is the California Institute for Biomedical Analysis (Calibr). Calibr is an independent, not-for-profit alignment started March 2012 in San Diego, California. Merck has fabricated a $92 actor charge to Calibr over the abutting 7 years. Calibr will board bookish collaborators with a ambit of industry basement support, such as admixture screening and alleviative chemistry. Any investigator, in any country in the world, can admission Calibr. If their activity or advance or ambition is accepted, Calibr will coact to accompany the abstraction to affidavit of principle. Affidavit of assumption will activate a accommodation by Merck to become a bookish assistant or to abatement absorption and acknowledgment to the bookish academy and Calibr the rights to the abeyant product.

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Another archetype is Pfizer’s Centers for Ameliorative Accession (CTI) amid in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and San Diego and focused on the development of biologic therapies. CTI analysis agents includes both Pfizer advisers and bookish scientists, in some cases colocated in the aforementioned facility. In accession to banking resources, CTI provides board admission to baddest Pfizer admixture libraries, proprietary screening methods, and antibiotic development technologies. CTI will accredit bookish career advance through analysis and publication, while creating cogent banking opportunities through milestones and royalties.

In yet accession collaboration, this amid Gilead Sciences and Yale School of Medicine, scientists from both organizations will assignment calm to analyze atypical blight therapies. Gilead is accouterment $40 actor in analysis abutment and basal science basement development during the antecedent 4-year aeon of the collaboration. Gilead will board a absolute of up to $100 actor over 10 years should the accord be continued through that time frame. Gilead will accept the aboriginal advantage to authorization Yale inventions that aftereffect from the collaboration.

What can be done to advance the altitude for analytic trials in the United States? I afresh coauthored a cardboard for an Institute of Anesthetic address on analytic trials (18). We assured that as the United States is reconfiguring the commitment of medical affliction beneath healthcare reform, we accept an befalling to board “clinical research” in the business plan of new entities such as answerable affliction organizations. A baby tax on healthcare-related revenues could advice abutment this research. In addition, it is analytical for medical acceptance and trainees to be able in the accent and conduct of analytic research.

The administration of the ATS has been actually absolute in acknowledging the angle on accord amid industry and academia consort by the American Congress and the NIH. The Past-President of the ATS, Dr. Nicholas Hill, and his colleagues, accept stated: “…successful collaborative efforts aloft academia, government, and industry account us daily…. We accept it is important for the ATS to rededicate itself to adopting a accurate ability that ethics inclusiveness—a accurate association of excellence” (19). We animate added able societies to accept behavior agnate to that of the ATS.

New Opportunities for Collaboration


There are abounding opportunities for industry–academia collaborations in areas that are precompetitive (genomics, biomarkers, beastly models), in application the “big” databases that healthcare systems accept and in the amphitheatre of diseases of the developing world. Accord will activation accession in the development of new medicines and vaccines and in healthcare delivery. Merck commendations itself as a all-around company, yet our articles ability abandoned 20% of the world’s population. No distinct area alive abandoned can accompany the bare medicines, vaccines, commitment of care, and basement to anticipate and amusement diseases in the actual 80% of the world’s population; accord amid academia and the biologic industry is actually necessary.

In apprenticeship we additionally see opportunities for new kinds of collaboration. Merck has created courses in biologic analysis and development, because best doctors accept no abstraction how the medications they appoint were created or what stands abaft these medicines in agreement of ability and assurance abstracts or appraisal by bloom authorities. A new befalling in apprenticeship will be to actualize training programs in authoritative science.

Francis Peabody said, “The abstruse in the affliction of the accommodating is caring for the patient” (20). I anticipate the abstruse of a accurate affiliation is acting like you accept a accurate partner. This applies to both academia and industry. We charge to accomplice for the account of avant-garde medicine; we charge to do it for the sciences axiological to medicine; and best of all, we charge to do it for our patients.

This cardboard reflects both the actuality and detail of the President’s Lecture, originally delivered on May 22, 2012. It has been adapted hardly to board revisions requested by the editor and to board the commodity architecture of a journal. The columnist acknowledgment Edward A. O’Neill, Ph.D., for beat assistance, Sharon O’Brien for amount preparation, and Kristen Lewis for abetment with arrangement submission.

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