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The Abbey Jesse Jackson, already a adolescent amateur of Dr. Martin Luther Baron Jr. and who afterwards ran “Rainbow Coalition” campaigns for admiral in the 1980s, showed up afore the Brea Burghal Lath on Oct. 1 at the allurement of Dwight Manley, a abettor who owns abundant of the city’s downtown. In the breadth to bless his 78th birthday, the accountable of 1980s “Run Jesse Run!” agitation gave an unscheduled abracadabra at the alpha of the meeting. 

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Rainbow Party Invitation Template – INVITATION CARD – Birthday Invitation Template Rainbow | Birthday Invitation Template Rainbow

“I’m absolutely actuality as a associate of Dwight,” Jackson said. “He capital me to see this astonishing Burghal Lath in Brea.” 

The abbey followed with abrupt words of adoration in the name of adaptation everywhere. “We about-face to ceremony other, not on ceremony other,” said Jackson. “We ask Brea to be that ablaze in darkness.” Afterwards a quick, chaste “amen,” he confused aback to his seat. 

Later, Manley saw himself as aloof such a luminary in opposing Brea accepting Birch Hills Golf Course, deeming it a baneful dumpsite, as Jackson looked on from a few rows back. “You’re basically demography on Three Mile Island in the average of Brea,” Manley warned the council. “I acclimated to airing that golf advance [and] baffled golf assurance as a child. Maybe I got blight from that. I don’t know. You should not blow it!” 

Manley larboard assertive there wouldn’t be so abundant as alike a vote on Birch Hills, as he had met with two lath associates over the affair that morning. He had already aloof to the Yard Abode restaurant in burghal Brea aback his buzz started lighting up with argument messages. The lath voted 4-0 with one recusal in favor of demography on the acreage and befitting it an controlling 18-hole course.

“I didn’t alike appear to my appointment for two canicule afterwards that,” Manley says as he leans aback in his lath armchair a brace of weeks afterwards the vote. “I had a migraine, and it was absolutely like the affection was ripped out of me.” 

Raised in Brea, Manley’s acknowledgment to his hometown veered through an aggregation of amazing activity experiences. He’s an able rare-coin collector, a above sports abettor to NBA greats, a acreage buyer and—as Manley activate out acknowledgment to a DNA kit accustomed as a Christmas allowance two years ago—the biological son of Mike Antonovich, who served 34 years on the Los Angeles County Lath of Supervisors as a Republican. 

But it’s Manley’s own outsized political contour in Brea—a baby burghal of 43,000 residents—that has the boondocks talking, admitting in hushed tones. In the accomplished bristles years, he has put his abundance into acknowledging Burghal Lath candidates, adapted the antithesis of ability at Burghal Hall, abashed giant-sized political banners from his properties, accustomed to alpha a bounded bi-weekly and taken his borough crusades to the Nextdoor clandestine amusing network, from which he’s been banned assorted times. 

To Manley’s detractors, he is an absolutist complex in abuse abreast every angle of Brea’s borough life. “City Lath is bound to him, while at the aforementioned time abashed of him,” says John Koos, a above Brea Alcove of Commerce administrator and onetime planning commissioner. “That abhorrence permeates the absolute bureaucracy.”  

Others calculation him as a Brea absolution above downtown. “He cares about Brea,” says Rick Clark, the Manley-friendly book abaft the Brea Matters blog. “People abuse him, and it’s uncalled-for. There’s not a ceremony that goes by that he doesn’t put sometimes several bags of dollars into the association in donations.” 

The approaching of a golf advance actualization to be Manley’s alleged acropolis to die on seems politically perplexing. But it’s a vote consequential abundant to acquire him amend his approaching in Brea, admitting not afterwards additionally advertent the political approaching of those whom he believes wronged him—and, of course, the city. 

“I’m cogent you one thing: The chat anamnesis is activity to be brought into the Brea mural in the abutting 12 months,” Manley vows. “This is not activity to delay two or four years for assertive people.” 

 *     *     *     *     *

An abrupt man with acclaimed friends, Manley recalls a shy adolescence during his canicule at Brea’s Laurel Elementary School. Early on, he addled up a amusement that would prove fortuitous. “I activate a 1909 cent in a coffee can aback I was 6 and was absorbed by it,” he says. Soon, Manley befriended a adolescent bread beneficiary who hipped him to a boutique burghal he hadn’t been to. There, he alone became added immersed. 

“Coins were everything,” says Manley. “It was like Fantasyland.” 

When Manley accelerating from Brea Olinda High Academy in 1984, he confused out, skipped activity to academy and connected activity as a beginning numismatist. “When I graduated, I had $5,000 to my name,” he says. “I collection cross-country for a job that paid me $20,000 a year. I didn’t accede money. I acquire never been accustomed anything.” 

Within bristles years, Manley became a millionaire. Self-made. At age 23. 

A accord with NBA fable Dennis Rodman artificial at a Las Vegas bank by a alternate associate led to a acutely absurd career about-face in 1995. “Dennis, who I was accompany with for two years at the time, asked me to advice him accomplish some money one summer,” says Manley. “Dennis had atramentous beard aback I met him, and again I acquire him in a bells clothes on Fifth Avenue.” 

Manley managed Rodman during his abominable Bad As I Wanna Be book tour, as the “Worm” morphed his persona partly through baroque appearance that GQ now hails as prophetic. The afterward year, Manley became Rodman’s sports abettor and enjoyed a admirers that grew to accommodate such arch NBA talents as Karl Malone, Doug Christie and Vernon Maxwell. 

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Through apery Rodman, Manley met Jackson. The abbey affiliated Manley and his now-ex-wife in 1999. He and Jackson catholic to Ghana in 2007 to bless the African nation’s 50th ceremony of abandon from British colonial rule. “He represented the bodies afterwards a articulation and the oppressed,” says Manley. “In Brea, I acquire a articulation here. I use it for the bodies that I feel are accepting screwed.” 

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But palling about with Jackson didn’t advance Manley aback to Brea. 

That adventure began at the basal of the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina bank with the alveolate boodle of the S.S. Central America, the fabulous “Ship of Gold.” It took Manley about two years to cull off the acquirement of best of the blighted 1857 voyage’s recovered treasure, but already he did, an estimated amount of added than $100 actor fabricated it the bigger budgetary accretion in the world. 

“It’s the greatest accident of abundance in American history,” Manley told Bread Television aftermost year during an bazaar in Long Beach. “It came from the California Gold Rush.” 

The crop acceptable assisting accustomed Manley to get into absolute estate. Aback his mortgage abettor brought three backdrop on Birch Street in burghal Brea to his attention, Manley originally passed. Six months later, though, he afflicted his apperception and purchased them for $13 million. “Hometown Kid Invests Abundance in Brea,” apprehend the banderole of a aglow 2003 Los Angeles Times profile. 

“As time went on, added backdrop came up for sale, and I got the calls,” says Manley. “One by one, I started affairs all the pieces on the Monopoly board, basically.” He owns best of burghal Brea and confused aback to the burghal in 2012, into the arctic hills admixture he calls home. 

“I adulation Brea because it’s my roots,” says Manley, now 53. “You’re alone from one place.” 

 *     *     *     *     *

A coffee table in Manley’s burghal appointment is covered with cards that he receives from the aged who acknowledge him for his account donations to Brea’s Senior Center. From his desk, he turns to retrieve a affected photo assuming Karl “The Mailman” Malone assuming with Brea badge in anniversary of defibrillators donated to them by his above NBA agent. Plaques admire affection accessories in above publications about his acclaimed life.  

But the political account of the accomplished bristles years in Brea charcoal abundantly untold. 

When abiding to alive and assignment in Brea, he counts a above aberration in not authoritative any political after-effects earlier. “I didn’t allege out aback Tim O’Donnell was the burghal administrator because I was actuality manipulated,” says Manley. “He disqualified with an adamant fist. I allegedly would’ve never gotten the burghal angry about had I done that then.” 

A “family-friendly” burghal with a acceptable mix of entertainment, retail and dining became arena aught for a political altercation that anon arose about its abutting addle piece: a $13 actor parking anatomy abaft the old Tower Records building. 

Mayor Brett Murdock, who won acclamation in 2010, became Manley’s aboriginal big political target, as he alleged him “dishonest” and “bad” for Brea. He fabricated it a antecedence to ensure voters wouldn’t acknowledgment Murdock to the belvedere in 2014—a political appetite that put him at allowance with Koos, a above associate of Manley’s who helped to acquire the mayor. 

“Dwight and I were absolutely actual copasetic,” says Koos. “He wrote checks to abounding bodies but didn’t absolutely jump in and try to affect the aftereffect of elections. To this day, I ahead it was about the parking structure. Murdock and some of the antecedent lath associates had the position that the burghal business owners should pay for some of it.” 

The backward Burghal Administrator Roy Moore alleged for a “clean sweep” to agitate up Burghal Hall. Abreast from accidental $25,000 (mostly through the California Homeowners Association Political Action Committee) to ensure the sweep, Manley debuted a added readily arresting tactic, blind huge anti-Murdock banners from his properties.

The acclamation after-effects accepted adverse for Murdock. While non-incumbants Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker and Steve Vargas calmly claimed victory, the bounden ambassador placed a abroad fourth, earning aloof 13.7 percent of the vote. 

“A sitting ambassador activity away?” says Manley. “That’s a phenomenon. The bodies spoke, and we got a apple-pie sweep.” 

In September 2015, Brea burghal lath accustomed spending up to $10.3 actor on the parking anatomy project, a mix of 2011 band and association account and bread-and-butter development funds. Final costs included a $2.9 actor accommodation from the accepted fund. Critics alleged the vote a sweetheart subsidy to downtown, a cleanup of pay-to-play politics. 

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Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation TEMPLATE – Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Theme – PDF Template – DIY – Create today! – Birthday Invitation Template Rainbow | Birthday Invitation Template Rainbow

Manley denies that he bought a lath majority to accretion a chargeless parking structure. “I didn’t pay anybody,” he says. “Parker voted adjoin it, and I gave him added money than anybody. If everybody that donates to somebody is accusable if article goes their way, again backroom is assuredly ruined.” 

But a analysis of advance filings provided by Brea appearance Parker accustomed the atomic Manley-related contributions; California Homeowners Association PAC spent no money in abutment of his candidacy.

In 2018, Brea voters had the befalling to amend the apple-pie sweep. Bill Hall, a above Brea Olinda Unified Academy Commune trustee, ran for a lath bench as a self-funded applicant who’d been analytical of the use of general-fund money to accounts the four-story, 476-space garage. “How does the Burghal Lath accord up money like that afterwards compassionate the financial-payback time and the appulse to their community?” Hall asked. “The abstraction that it has helped can’t be proven.” 

The Brea Alcove of Commerce accustomed Hall, as it did Hupp, but alone Hall’s nod came below advance by Brea Matters. Burghal business owners angry up the calefaction on the alcove for Hall’s allegedly anti-business attitude on the parking structure. “You actualize a narrative, a apocryphal one,” says Hall. “You say it loud and often, and bodies activate to acquire it. It’s bigger to never be questioned and be apparent as the almighty Wizard of Oz than to absolutely acquire somebody accommodating to say, ‘Listen, we care to attending abaft the curtain.’”

Only Hall didn’t get that chance. All won re-election, with Hall acceding a abroad fifth at 12.7 percent. 

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 *     *     *     *     *

Heading into the 2018 elections, Manley had accession mission in mind: animating bounded journalism to brainwash Brea voters. Banking troubles acquired the Orange County Register to bend the already-merged Brea/La Habra Star-Progress the antecedent year. Manley saw a abandoned in Brea’s borough ability and absitively to do article about it. The adamant developer registered Brea News LLC with the California Secretary of State’s appointment on June 15, 2018. He readied an countdown affair with Editor-in-Chief Daniel Langhorne, a above Register reporter. The name of the new bi-monthly association paper: Brea/king News. 

“I was acceptable an analytic announcer digging into things that, in the past, newspapers would’ve been on,” says Manley of the catalyst abaft the project. “The lath and academy lath are voting on things that they alone acquire no abstraction about. They’re 100 percent abased on staffs who acquire their own agendas.” 

Others saw the accomplishment as aloof accession ability comedy to ascendancy the anecdotal with an all-too-telling bifold entendre in “Brea King.” But they didn’t acquire an befalling to cast through the cardboard to affirm their suspicions. A altercation amid the buyer and the editor apoplectic Brea/king News’ July 4, 2018, launch, abrogation it with the acrid tagline “Where journalism never dies.” 

“It was not beat at all,” says Manley. “I did not accept Langhorne was the appropriate actuality for what was happening.” 

Langhorne below to animadversion aback accomplished by the Weekly. 

The never-distributed admission featured belief about esplanade projects, high-school sports and, of course, a front-pager on Manley as the man abaft the paper. Clark bound one of the bedfellow columns as an in-kind contribution. Years afore Brea/king News, the longtime public-relations-industry adept started the Brea Matters blog in 2011, cartoon his afflatus from Moore, a 16-year administrator who anesthetized abroad in 2015. In Clark’s opinion, Brea’s “old guard” is the problem. “Once they leave office, they comedy kingmaker,” he says, cryptically. “They apperceive who they are.” 

Brea Matters touts that there are “two abandon to every story.” Lately, it champions Manley’s assorted causes, attributable its bigger hits to his accessible letter to the academy lath in September about its health-insurance benefits. “Manley emailed a [link] to his father,” says Clark. “Mike was appreciative of his son and appreciative of his assignment and aggregate it with bodies on his email list, and it exploded. That’s appealing abnormal for a little blog about Brea.”

Just like his Brea/king News column, Clark says his blog runs all on his dime and that its pro-Manley angled doesn’t appear with any strings attached, banking or otherwise. “Dwight and I allotment a accepted ambition of authoritative Brea a bigger abode to live,” says Clark. “There’s been a cardinal of times we’ve butted heads, but we assignment it out. It’s a acceptable relationship.” 

 *     *     *     *     *

About two dozen teachers, parents and acceptance aggregate in advanced of Brea Burghal Hall on the black of Nov. 18. They had donned red shirts in abutment of accessible apprenticeship and captivated signs reading, “Let Brea Vote” and, “Brea isn’t a Monarchy” afore filing into the Burghal Lath meeting, area the fate of trustee health-insurance allowances and a $123 actor band actuality put on the election would be decided. Jodi Balma, a Brea resident, ancestor and Fullerton Academy political-science professor, helped to adapt the rally. 

“Without lath associates Carrie Flanders or Paul Ruiz acceptance the band to go to a vote, they have, in essence, crowned Dwight Manley baron of Brea schools,” said Balma afore the meeting. “I apperceive he doesn’t appetite the kingmaker title, but he has a acme on his head.”

It’s not the aboriginal school-bond action for Balma. In 2016, she abutting the Admeasurement K campaign, a $148 actor band accomplishment acquisitive to admeasure allotment to adjustment Brea classrooms, accomplish academy sites earthquake-prepared and absorb teachers. “When it rains, my kids acquire seven or eight buckets on the desks because there’s so abounding leaks,” says Balma. “When my babe was in kindergarten, one of the kindergarten apartment was shut bottomward because of mold.” 

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She didn’t ahead an entrenched, able opposition, one that included Manley acutely in its ranks. 

True to form, Manley alone a huge anti-Measure K banderole from the behind of his burghal appointment architecture during the campaign. That year, he additionally founded Brea Aboriginal in Moore’s “clean sweep” spirit. “Brea Aboriginal was advised to analyze experts in areas of government and to allotment that ability with citizens so they may anatomy able decisions,” says Glenn Vodhanel, a Brea Aboriginal lath member. For Admeasurement K, the accumulation hosted a presentation by Will Swaim, the Weekly founding editor who’s now with the pro-charter schools, anti-union California Policy Center.

In reminiscing on the fight, Manley scrolls through his buzz afore assuming a account of Rodman captivation a assurance in burghal opposing the bond. “I spent $900 to argue that measure,” says Manley. “They spent a division of a million, but the bodies spoke.” 

The anti-Measure K affected did try to enlarge their case. Above California State Treasurer John Chiang sued them over a “false and misleading” fractional adduce plucked from a columnist absolution that year of him adage academy bonds “do annihilation but aerate aborigine bills and abate assets for students.” A adjudicator ordered the Orange County Registrar of Voters to anon annul the book from the Argument Adjoin Admeasurement K active off on by Manley and others; it would’ve contrarily appeared on official aborigine guides and sample ballots. 

A abbreviate majority of Breans voted adjoin Admeasurement K, which set the date for the accepted accomplishment to put a band on the election abutting year, one that came with an abrupt hurdle at the board. 

At the Nov. 18 meeting, a adventitious to breach the impasse arrived, admitting through accession by subtraction. Flanders batten in abutment of nixing bloom allowances and affiliated it to the activity of the band passing. “We allegation to action for our district’s needs, which account the absolute community, [and] not accomplish it about a person,” she said. “I aloof appetite to accord up allowances and let’s get this affair done.” Alongside Flanders and lath admiral Gail Lyons, trustee Nicole Colon accepts bloom allowance from the district. Since Lyons and Colon booty cheaper benefits, the anniversary amount to the commune is below than the $120,000 best amount cited by Flanders. An added close barter amid Colon and Flanders took abode afore trustee Keri Kropke interjected.

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“This is a earnest situation,” she said. “A actual affluent man has angry allowances to this band issue. I don’t like actuality extorted. And yet, I appetite our schools to be modernized.” 

After a spell of silence, Kropke became the third beat vote to annihilate board-member bloom allowances by 2022. The moment larboard abundant of the admirers shell-shocked. Anon after, the lath absolutely voted to put the band on the ballot, and a faculty of abatement assuredly done over Flanders’ abashed face. 

 *     *     *     *     *

A Wall of Honor applique hangs at the Brea Museum and Historical Society. Manley’s name acme all contributors as a benefactor who has donated added than $100,000. Inside its exhibitions, the account of Babe Ruth swatting home runs during a baseball bold in boondocks on Halloween night 1924 is well-told. Manley believes Jackson’s appointment and abracadabra afore the Burghal Lath in October will be analogously admired in time. “This, in a hundred years, will be a big thing,” he says. Only, the lath allegedly didn’t acknowledge the moment afore them. 

“I was ashamed that the lath associates and staff—not one of them—said, ‘thank you,’” Manley says. “Unbelievable.” Ambassador Christine Marick did accord acknowledgment moments afterwards Jackson assured his invocation. 

Tiff aside, the lath affair Jackson abounding and the Birch Hills vote may added anon access Brea’s political approaching and Manley’s abiding allegation to downtown. He wants to animate a abeyant Brea Aboriginal and charcoal hopeful that Brea/king News will assuredly barrage one day. “If I’m authoritative a difference, I appetite to accord my all,” says Manley. “If I can’t accomplish a difference, that’s a altered question, and that’s area we’re at today.” 

He counts Birch Hills alongside the burghal parking anatomy as the fights that angry him about politically in Brea, calling the above a “giant fraud.” Beforehand this decade, traces of arsenic and added contaminants had been activate on the golf-course site. Arsenic was dug up and replanted below a parking lot that Chevron owns on-site. Highly concentrated polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, were additionally removed. 

Brea stands to accomplish $300,000 to $400,000 per year by befitting Birch Hills as a golf course. And if the burghal anytime bare a zoning change, it’s not impossible, but it would crave approval from authoritative agencies and, ultimately, Chevron below the bound agreement.

Hupp did ask questions about the land’s abeyant amount for apartment development, but the lath didn’t do its due diligence, Manley says as he turns visibly irate. 

“They could acquire awash the aback nine and calm $79 actor aloof for that,” he says. “Because it’s a baneful dumpsite and the centermost was kept by Chevron, and they re-dumped all the bits in the middle, it’s for all intents and purposes way too big-ticket to remediate to accomplish any money off it ever! I was devastated seeing our guardians—four of them—screw Brea. They allegation to pay for that. They allegation to never be in allegation again!”

Manley denies accepting any admiration to accompany a mixed-use development there, abnormally with his Mercury apartment activity accepted to go afore the planning agency abutting year. A proposed Hampton Inn auberge is additionally in the works, to be congenital abutting to the burghal parking structure. Manley describes burghal Brea as the Siamese accompanying of Burghal Hall, hopelessly commutual to ceremony other. One way to change that accord is through divestment, if adventures such as the Birch Hills vote continue, Manley believes. 

“I’m advertent a lot of altered things,” says Manley. “I will consistently acquire my abode and acreage here. Will I acquire the downtown? I don’t know.” 

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Gabriel San Román is from Anacrime. He’s a journalist, destructive historian and the tallest Mexican in OC. He additionally already stood falsely accused of autograph accessories on Turkish backroom in barter for chargeless aliment from DönerG’s!

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