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There’s a adventure that Lance Ledbetter brand to acquaint about the history of barbecue in Atlanta. I’ve heard it several times. The abbreviate adaptation is that Atlanta’s pitmasters never agitated with developing a bounded appearance because abounding travelers alone capital barbecue that reminded them of home.

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Vintage Train Ticket Wedding Invitation Template – Templates .. | Train Ticket Wedding Invitation Template

In the continued version, Ledbetter seems to brainstorm himself central the capacity of the story. You ability try that, too. Let’s say the year is 1923. The Atlanta Terminal Base is a massive Beaux Arts adorableness belted by a brace of gilded towers. As a alternation comes into the station, a horn blares and a billow of white beef floats from the locomotive. Passengers alight and beck into the lobby, their tickets punched from states all over, their hats artsy to adumbration off the sun.

The acclimate is nice and money is acceptable because the country is amid wars and not yet into the Depression. Bodies are walking fast. They’re actuality on business with Sears-Roebuck, with General Motors, with Atlanta Life. Among the crowd, a man is yelling. He’s aggravating to get your attention. “Hey Carolina, we got your alacrity sauce,” he’s saying. “Hey Carolina, we got your hot vinegar. Hey Kansas City, we’ve got those candied ribs. Hey Texas, we got your brisket.” Ledbetter brand to acquaint that detail, his apery of the barbecue barker.

Lance was congenital in 1976, four years afterwards the Terminal Base was burst to accomplish allowance for a parking lot. He doesn’t absolutely apperceive what anyone hollered alfresco of barbecue joints a hundred years ago, acceptance the adventure makes a lot of sense. Historically, Atlanta isn’t anticipation of as a abode breadth things are from, abreast from a canteen of Coke. It’s a alternation town, a crossroads, a abode breadth bodies and appurtenances and account and history canyon through afore assuredly accession about else. If you ask Lance to allocution about Atlanta, to try to explain it, he’ll apparently acquaint you that adventure about the barbecue. In his estimation, it explains aloof about everything.

We were bistro barbecue, in fact, aback Lance told me he’d accustomed up on the Georgia project.

He and his wife, April, and I were accepting cafeteria at their abode in the Ormewood Park adjacency of Atlanta, breadth they alive with their two accomplished cats, Louie and Maybelle, and breadth they run the Dust-to-Digital almanac company, a baby characterization that specializes in the archetype of music old and obscure. It was summer and the affection was apathetic and casual. While dishes of coleslaw, broken peaches, white bread, and begrimed pork were anesthetized about the table, the chat circled around, too. We accounted about added almanac labels, talked about Korean aliment and breadth to get the best of it in Atlanta. Some of Bill Ferris’s acreage recordings played on the stereo. Eventually, I asked Lance if he was anytime activity to accomplish addition masterpiece.

Of course, I didn’t say it like that. The chat makes bodies uncomfortable. But if you’ve fabricated a masterpiece, bodies about apprehend you to accomplish another.

Twelve years ago, Dust-to-Digital appear a six-disc accumulation box set of aerial recordings from the aboriginal bisected of the twentieth aeon alleged Goodbye, Babylon. The Ledbetters spent four and a bisected years alive on the activity and founded their almanac aggregation for the purpose of absolution it. The set was bound accustomed as a classic. Sasha Frere-Jones declared it as “incomparable,” “the ark of the covenant.” It was nominated for two Grammys. Bob Dylan able a archetype to Neil Young, who alleged it “the aboriginal abundance of our recorded music.” I asked if they had any affairs for commodity agnate “in admeasurement and scope.”

“When I accomplished Goodbye, Babylon, I had a few projects on my desk,” Lance said, pausing for a chaw of barbecue. “I capital to accomplish a CD of Christmas music. I capital to do a angelic harp set. I capital to recut Fred Ramsey’s Music of the South. And I capital to do a box set of music from Georgia.” As Lance explained it, the Georgia activity had been as aggressive as Goodbye, Babylon. The added projects were all accomplished now, but Lance said, “I anticipate I’ve accustomed up on Georgia.” April put bottomward her angle and looked at him. She seemed surprised.

Lance and April accept congenital their almanac aggregation about a appropriate and adventurous agreeable vision. They mostly rerelease old, back-number music—the affectionate generally accepted alone to musicologists, university lecturers, and connoisseurs of the obscure—and repackage it in a way that is both calmly attainable and artfully informed. Aback Goodbye, Babylon, the aggregation has focused mostly on added people’s projects: Art Rosenbaum’s acreage recordings, Jonathan Ward’s accumulating of aboriginal African recordings, David Murray’s Southeast Asian surveys, revisions of Alan Lomax projects, long-lost John Fahey tapes. These are not archetypal or chart-topping tunes, yet Lance and April accept done the acutely impossible, architecture the aggregation into a solid business during what ability be one of the affliction decades for the almanac industry ever.

When Lance appear that he was giving up, I was absorbed and confused. How could his home accompaniment be added artful than, say, a accumulation of 78-rpm recordings from rural Thailand? I asked Lance why he couldn’t see the Georgia activity through. He said he’d booty me bottomward to the basement afterwards cafeteria and appearance me what went wrong.

The Ledbetters confused into their abode a brace years afterwards absolution Goodbye, Babylon. Abreast from a abrupt agreement with appointment space, they accept run the almanac characterization from home anytime since.

The abode has afresh been adapted and the apartment are airy, abounding of accustomed light, and clean. On the walls adhere neatly affected artworks by Art Rosenbaum and photographs by George Mitchell, both iconic folklorists from Georgia and Dust-to-Digital collaborators. In the active room, new congenital shelves authority several hundred old records, some colossal art books, and a polished, gold-plated Gramophone bays from 2008. Dust-to-Digital’s releases are commonly nominated for the “Best Actual Album” class at the Grammy Awards, as able-bodied as for lesser-known ceremoniousness from organizations like the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, the Active Dejection Awards, the Association for Ethnomusicology, and so on.

When I remarked to April that their shelves seemed tidy, she disagreed. “You can’t see what I see,” she said. “There’s no adjustment over there, no organization. We’ll accept to booty affliction of that one day.”

If Lance is the visionary, the agilely aesthetic and abstruse academician of Dust-to-Digital, April is the realist. They generally assignment in the active room—sometimes with a third collaborator, a beneficiary or a musicologist or an aggressive intern from Georgia Tech—listening to recordings, authoritative notes, and talking through their projects. “Lance is constantly, absolutely in his arch to a point that you accept to breeze him out of it sometimes,” she told me. “I tend to be added analytical and say no to things and shut it down. I anticipate he looks to me for that.”

Lance and April met while accessory Georgia Accompaniment University, breadth they both formed at the university’s art-house theatre, affairs airheaded and cine tickets, loading the 35mm projector. One affair led to another. It was during that time that Lance started the analysis that would become Goodbye, Babylon. “When he aboriginal mentioned that he capital to absolution actuality recordings, it was adamantine for me to understand,” April said. “I had developed up a Unitarian Universalist—we’re not accepted for our singing.” Despite that, April insisted that she could advice with the project. They acclaimed their ninth bells ceremony this year.

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Punch Card Vintage Train Ticket Wedding Invitation – Union .. | Train Ticket Wedding Invitation Template

Neither Lance nor April thinks of themselves as collectors. They generally accept break to assignment with austere collectors, bodies who accept acquired abundant recordings or altar or advice that the concrete accumulation of it fills their homes and metaphorically overflows their lives. The Ledbetters accept apparent abundant to apperceive that they do not appetite that for themselves, although that doesn’t beggarly they don’t consistently buy annal or acquisition things that they appetite to keep. Last year, they purchased the capacity of a accumulator assemblage with added than twenty thousand annal inside. They kept alone a few and addled the rest. By their measure, this affectionate of behavior agency they are not collectors.

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The basement, however, is a altered adventure altogether. It’s about the aforementioned ambit as the Ledbetters’ kitchen and active room, but the ceilings are low, there is alone one window, and the dim amplitude is awkward with boxes and files and ephemera and endless of I’m not abiding what—the arrant ataxia of active a almanac characterization for the accomplished decade. In the furthest, darkest bend is a accumulation of the well-intentioned, cool things that best households accrue: tennis brawl canisters, backyard aliment equipment, ancestors heirlooms that accept no action and yet cannot be befuddled away. Lance waded into that breadth attractive for the Georgia boxes.

I sat on a baby armchair abreast the window, abutting to a laundry bassinet abounding with adopted raw cotton, while he brought out the athenaeum one by one. There were two ample agenda boxes, a lidded white box shaped for captivation accepted envelopes, and a brace of bankrupt artificial containers that addition abroad ability use for the busline of a ample casserole. Lance was about to accessible one of the artificial containers aback he afflicted his mind, leaned over to a desktop computer, and summoned up an old correspondence.

The email, anachronous April 2004, is addressed to the music historian Tony Russell. Lance apprehend it aloud.

How are things? I saw breadth your discography has been pushed aback to summer. As I’m abiding abounding bodies feel, I can’t delay for its release.

The acumen I’m autograph is because there has been a bit of a change of affairs for the abutting big absolution on Dust-to-Digital. . . .

So what’s the project? It’s a box set of artists from Georgia. The adapt appropriate now is to access the actual by artists’ canton origin, but as you apperceive things are consistently accountable to change. The acceptable account is that my basic analysis shows that this could be absolutely possible.

Anyway, I accept accumulated a account of Georgia artists and absorbed it to this message. If you do not mind, I would actual abundant acknowledge if you could booty a attending at it and action any suggestions/corrections. You’re additionally arrive to abetment as abundant as you appetite in the comment phase. I apperceive you’re busy, but I aloof capital you to apperceive the allurement is there. . . .

I achievement you are still adequate your archetype of Goodbye, Babylon.

Kind regards,


Russell is one of the world’s foremost experts on old-time music, the big covering of Appalachian folk musics that predate what we alarm country music today. He founded the now-defunct annual Old Time Music in 1971. The discography that Lance accidentally mentions at the alpha of the email is Country Music Records, a 1,200-page book that abstracts “every bartering country music recording, including unreleased sides, and indicates, as absolutely as possible, the musicians amphitheatre at every session, as able-bodied as instrumentation” amid the years 1921 and 1942. At the time Lance emailed him, Russell had been alive on the discography for twenty years. Oxford University Press appear it in September of 2004.

Russell was blessed to bind Lance’s request. “Goodbye, Babylon signaled that there was an active and fresh-thinking new amateur in the historical-reissue arena,” he afresh told me. “I anon accomplished that Lance was addition with what seemed to me to be the appropriate attitude to the subject: fascinated, questioning, open-minded, dedicated. We became accompany immediately.”

Russell lives in London, but he and Lance bound started accommodating on the Georgia set by email. Their accord is agog and obscure, abounding of action and acclaim for this cord bandage and that dabble player, awash with continued lists of names like Doctor Clayton, South Georgia Highballers, Sloppy Henry, Seven Foot Dilly, and on and on.

Lance additionally wrote to Joe Bussard, conceivably the best-known 78-rpm almanac beneficiary in the world, and asked for him to accomplish a archetype of every distinct recording from Georgia in his collection. Like Russell, Bussard obliged. Aback the amalgamation assuredly arrived, there were forty hours of music central and it reeked so heavily of cigar smoke, Bussard’s adopted vice, that Lance had to leave it alfresco to air out afore he could accept to the tapes.

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Greatest Wedding Ticket Invitations @LL10 .. | Train Ticket Wedding Invitation Template

The activity was starting to approach large. “It was Lance’s idea, with which I agreed,” Russell told me, “that the Georgia set—envisaged at that time as maybe ten CDs—should accommodate all the music fabricated in Georgia in the aeon beneath review: old-time, blues, jazz, pop, actuality and angelic music, and so forth.” Alike for commodity so ambitiously all-inclusive, there was the amount of breadth to draw the borders. “We debated whether we should accommodate alone bartering recordings or additionally embrace acreage recordings fabricated by folklorists,” Russell said. “We additionally debated at what point we should cut off. If we bedfast ourselves to bartering recordings, would we stop with the afterlife of the 78 or backpack on through the 45 era?”

Deciding aback to chronologically activate a activity about the history of recorded music in Georgia is absolutely absolutely simple. On Thursday, June 14, 1923, an Okeh Annal architect alleged Ralph Peer fabricated the aboriginal recordings in Atlanta. One of the songs he cut, “The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane” by Fiddlin’ John Carson, went on to advertise about a hundred thousand copies, acceptable several New York almanac companies of the banking activity of traveling to Atlanta and added cities to almanac Southern musicians. As sometimes happens with moments in music history, about every added detail about that day in 1923 is a amount of debate.

The most-repeated adaptation of the adventure begins with Polk Brockman, an ambitious, adolescent Atlantan who ran the phonograph area of his grandfather’s appliance store:

That’s about the adventure that Archie Green dug up for “Hillbilly Music,” a 1965 commodity for the Journal of American Folklore. It is a beauteous and absorbing bit of research, abreast from the actuality that about bisected of those capacity are apparently wrong. According to Barry Mazor, whose adventures of Ralph Peer was appear in 2014, Okeh’s recording affair in Atlanta was meant to focus on Warner’s Seven Aces, a association bandage that played the ablaze ball pop of the time, and it had been planned weeks afore the day aback Brockman could’ve apparent that dabble amateur on the newsreel. Carson, Mazor claims, had been an afterthought, and the recording took abode on June 19 in a barn on Nassau Street, not a abandoned loft. As for the “pluperfect awful” quote, the best acclaimed detail of Green’s story, Mazor attributes that to commodity Brockman said in an account decades afterwards in advertence to Peer’s assessment of the recording equipment. Peer apparently never said it.

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Green’s analysis anxious the origins of recorded country music, but what he absolutely declared is absolutely larger. The aforementioned recording affair in 1923 that produced Fiddlin’ John Carson’s aboriginal almanac additionally recorded dejection singers Lucille Bogan and Fannie Mae Goosby and the Morehouse College Quartet singing actuality tunes. So what we’re talking about isn’t aloof the aboriginal country music recording affair in the South, but the aboriginal dejection almanac fabricated in the South and the aboriginal actuality almanac fabricated in the South, too.

When I alleged Mazor about this, he said, “When bodies address about the history of country music they leave out the dejection and the added way around. They accumulate it abstracted alike acceptance it wasn’t. Bodies actualize these abstract afar worlds, like these musicians were on altered planets, aback in actuality they were continuing in the aforementioned room, cat-and-mouse to almanac their annal one afterwards another.”

Histories tend to get shaped added like Green’s version: the accessible epiphany, the quotable bite line, any catchy ambience sifted out. The best abiding belief tend to be the atomic complicated versions. If you ask about the bearing of country music records, you’re abundant added acceptable to apprehend about a affair in Tennessee in 1927, aback the Carter Ancestors and Jimmie Rodgers aboriginal recorded. And if you’re attractive for the aboriginal canicule of blues, bodies tend to point against added allegorical settings: blurred crossroads, dematerialization travelers. Mississippi’s capital and Nashville’s star-making apparatus angry out to be abiding stories. The bearing of Southern music in Atlanta doesn’t get talked about the aforementioned way. Nobody has anytime alike ample out which architecture on Nassau it happened in. Today, the abode is apparently a parking lot.

 Musicians in Atlanta, ca. 1915. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of Dust-to-Digital and Todd Gladson

While answer all of this in his basement, Lance had started to ameliorate boxes. The speakers were acquainted to songs from the years afterward that aboriginal recording on Nassau Street. Sloppy Henry’s “Canned Heat Blues” floated about the room, complaining complaints of cruel whiskey and alleyways. Lance was aggravating to explain the agenda of his assignment on the Georgia set, but the capacity of the boxes kept hasty him. He’d be talking about a cruise to Oregon that he and April took to appointment the researcher Norm Cohen, and again a buzzer from Ralph Peer would appear from one of the boxes, instructing some guy in 1928 to bluff Victor Annal out of a adjustment with a angelic quartet by application affected names.

“Look at this!” he’d say spontaneously. “This is Clayton McMichen talking—this is an account that somebody did aback he confused to Kentucky. He’s one of the abundant Georgia artists. Oh, and attending at this, this is an articulate history somebody did with Riley Puckett. Attending at all that. Breadth he was born, breadth he died, all his children.”

He pulled out a assemblage of Columbia advertisements and Okeh catalogs and it seemed like every added artisan was from Georgia and recorded in Atlanta. “At one point in time, we were the representation of acceptable music in the South,” Lance said. “If you bought a country almanac in 1927, it was apparently a Skillet Lickers or Fiddlin’ John Carson record. If you bought a actuality record, it’s apparently activity to be a J. M. Gates. Those were the ones selling.”

There were old photographs of adolescent men and women assuming with their instruments, appreciative and preening. There were endless of typewritten interviews, afterlife certificates, radio programming sheets. What Lance had been accumulation was not aloof a accumulating of songs, but a account of a time in which Atlanta had been the advancing centermost of recorded Southern music.

“For bodies who discount or don’t accept what Georgia music sounds like,” he said, “I capital to put it all together, so that you could accept it. The originators of country and twelve-string dejection and actuality admonition on record, they were all in these apartment at the aforementioned time in Atlanta cat-and-mouse to comedy one afterwards addition afterwards addition afterwards another. They were at abode parties on Hemphill. They were at the barbecue restaurant on Ponce. They were at the appliance abundance on Nassau.”

But the Atlanta recordings weren’t enough. As Lance had said in his email to Tony Russell, he capital to actualize a accumulating that would accommodate the accomplished cartography of the state, canton by canton if possible. Musicians were traveling into Atlanta to almanac in the twenties, but they were abundantly from the arctic bisected of the state. There had been one recording affair in Savannah from about that time, but that was it.

To awning all of Georgia, he kept extending the years of focus, accretion the styles of recording. He aggregate acreage recordings and 45s of jazz, quartet gospel, acreage assignment songs, the Sea Island singers. Still, there wasn’t abundant to awning every county. Georgia has 159 of them (only Texas has more), and abounding are tiny, obscure, about busy locales. Lance hadn’t advancing that.

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Vector Train Ticket Wedding Invitation … | Stock vector .. | Train Ticket Wedding Invitation Template

The boxes had been anxiously arranged, but Lance couldn’t consistently bethink what the adjustment was. The files were meticulous. Aloof attractive at the accurate stacks, the accurate preservation, you could see the efforts of a duke aggravating to accumulate commodity actual big beneath control. As we unpacked box afterwards box, book afterwards file, I could see how things had gotten out of hand. There was too much. Alike with the all-important ability appropriate to accomplish access that hardly anyone abroad would notice, access that would accompany these abstracts to life, the information, the history afore us, all beneath the apart awning of accompaniment lines—

That was Barbecue Bob arresting us, reminding us to accept to the music, the tunes advancing out of the basement speakers—wasn’t that absolutely the point?

We listened to a bartering jingle, “I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape,” that somehow possesses the balmy abyss of a actuality number. Again we listened to a address by J. M. Gates admonishing his parishioners, cogent them to pay their appliance bills. Again we heard Bobby Grant’s “Lonesome Atlanta Blues,” a tune as alone as it was eighty years ago. Gid Tanner and Riley Puckett played “Tanner’s Boarding House,” a dancing song with an off-kilter accent that makes your arch ablaze like a attempt of booze would. Music, no amount how old, is consistently in the present tense. It has the funny aftereffect of demography you into a absolutely altered moment for three account at a time.

Lance calls his aesthetic action “focused listening.” It isn’t annihilation like what we were doing, blind out, alert to songs and talking. He sits with his eyes closed, computer awning off, headphones on, and listens this way for as continued as he can, sometimes hours, authoritative addendum on paper, basic connections, attractive for the means that music can explain itself. He formed this way on the Georgia set for some years, until he didn’t anymore.

The abbreviate adaptation of Lance and April Ledbetter’s adventure is that they run a almanac company. This is true. They absorb lots of time accepting acknowledged rights, designing or acknowledging packaging, scheduling absolution dates, accomplishing orders, analogous with distributors, and all of the added logistical tasks that tend to absorb any added almanac label. Only, the things that accomplish Goodbye, Babylon abundant accept little to do with any of that.

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It is a accumulation of 135 songs and 25 sermons recorded amid the years 1902 and 1960. Rather than acclimation songs by brand or agenda or cartography or any added accustomed explanation of bartering music, the set is abiding by spirit and mood, about concepts of “Judgment” or “Deliverance” or “Salvation.” The band that tends to abstracted actuality and blues—that is to say, the band amid the angelic and profane—is abandoned here, as is the band amid appealing abundant any added anatomy of American colloquial music. To accept to all seven hours of it in one sitting is to acquaintance a new adventure of American music told through the contours, the athrill highs and affecting lows, of sermon. The accumulation is housed central a cedar box arranged with assurance of raw cotton, a architecture that says, “This is important.”

The Ledbetters’ appearance belongs to an aesthetic attitude that began with Harry Smith’s 1952 absolution Anthology of American Folk Music. The music, recorded amid 1926 and 1934, is cautiously organized by the classical elements of water, fire, and air. Smith subscribed to some abstraction of alchemy, the axiological abstraction actuality that assertive abstracts could be accumulated to actualize a sum greater than the parts. Base metals into gold. Plain liquids into the borsch of life. Old abandoned songs into a atypical eyes of American music. The Anthology is, in a way, a arrangement of that idea.

These creations are abstract experiences, shaped as abundant by the aboriginal recordings as they are by the access and appropriate ability of the curator. Essentially, that’s the adjustment of collage, the ascendant art anatomy of the twentieth century. The agitation is that music history tends to adopt oversimplified stories, rubrics like brand or dates or race.

The Georgia set could accept been the Ledbetters’ aftereffect to Goodbye, Babylon, but, of course, the Georgia set was never finished. Lance and Tony Russell concluded up accommodating on added projects, abate things that accept aback been completed. The characterization has appear added sets arguably as good—their accumulating of Art Rosenbaum’s acreage recordings accustomed a Grammy—but they are added people’s projects, added people’s activity works, not Lance and April’s. Neither of them could say absolutely why they couldn’t accomplishment the Georgia project. They approved to explain that there were too abounding counties or that the abstraction got too big or that it went on for too continued and assuredly absent momentum. Songs that had been abstruse or about cool to acquisition started actualization on YouTube, on Spotify, places that hadn’t alike existed aback they started. Lance chock-full seeing it as a financially applicable release. That’s aback it went into the boxes in the aback of the basement.

Lance said that acceptance he was assuredly giving up was a way of unburdening himself from the accomplished thing. So abounding bodies had offered to help, to accord their own analysis that they capital addition abroad to use, their own collections that they capital addition abroad to hear. “There’s a lot of bodies who accept done absurd analysis over the years that aloof don’t apperceive what to do with it,” Lance said. “People are abounding by that, by accepting advice but not accepting an aperture to allotment it.”

Of course, it is absolutely accessible that the Georgia set wouldn’t do abundant to about-face the actual record. No amount how able-bodied a adventure is told, there’s no agreement that bodies will accept to it. No amount the ability and accuracy of the music and history that Lance had been able to compile, there’s no agreement that it would’ve been annihilation but addition box abounding of CDs in the Dust-to-Digital basement, cat-and-mouse to be arranged abroad for the apathetic crawl of mail order.

That isn’t a actual optimistic adaptation of the story. Russell told me that he still hoped they could accomplishment it one day. “Between 1923 and 1932, a greater cardinal of first-rate blues, gospel, and old-time music recordings was fabricated in Atlanta than anywhere else,” he said. “This could be a set that blazoned to the apple Georgia’s all-inclusive addition to American colloquial music. In my view, the aperture should be kept accessible for such a possibility.” Conceivably the Georgia set could accept been a afterlight to the slights of history, a new alpha adventure for the accomplished Southern music universe.

It was accepting backward in the basement. Lance and I had been talking for hours and the chat had assuredly gone quiet. We were attractive at a photograph of a brace dozen men captivation fiddles and banjos, maybe continuing alfresco the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, maybe about else. The account charge accept been taken ancient in the twenties, or earlier. The men abrasion apparel and ties, their hats artsy calmly to the side. They accept thousand-mile stares. Maybe they had alternation tickets in their pockets, maybe they had accustomed that day. Lance acicular to Fiddlin’ John Carson. It wasn’t adamantine to aces out the guy they alleged Seven Foot Dilly. The added men had names, of course, but they ability be absent to history by now. Lance said the account had never been appear anywhere, apparently hadn’t been apparent by abundant of anyone aback it was taken. He was attractive at it intently. He seemed to be able to see it added acutely than I could. Maybe he could brainstorm himself central the scene. We were still alert to that old Atlanta music. The accomplished seemed clumsily present.

That’s aback Lance looked at me and said, “I don’t appetite to say it will never happen.”

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