Top 10 Famous Indonesian Foods

Indonesian food is known to be very many and some of them well-known to many countries. The Indonesian food menus abroad did not lose much compared with foreign food into Indonesia. In our own country the kinds of Indonesian food is always a favorite of the Indonesian people itself and easy to find in many areas. Characteristic of Indonesian foods is the taste of spices or strong seasonings. Here are some famous Indonesian food you may often find in around Indonesia.

  1. Fried Rice

Although in Indonesian fried rice is a menu that is generally known, but the fact that almost all the Indonesian people love it. The fried rice had become a menu that attracts many overseas, the people of Europe and America.

  1. Sate

The meat skewers were burnt are navigation pioneer of our nation. Almost every foreign person who came to Indonesia will be looking for the sate to feel one of the famous Indonesian cuisine. Satay type also varied, there is satay, chicken satay, satay fish etc.

  1. Meatballs

History meatballs yore taken by the Chinese community in Indonesia, but the name is already attached meatballs a favorite food much appreciated by the public.

  1. Soto

Indonesia has a wide variety of soup, no Holy Soto, Soto Banjar, Pekalongan Soto, Soto Betawi with a different dish. But the hallmark of soup is rice with a sauce with spices were delicious plus thinly sliced meat.

  1. Rendang

Rendang got the title of the most delicious cuisines in the world. The distinctive feature is a menu of beef with herbs thick coconut milk and spices strong, the longer it will be more tasty cooked. In 2011, rendang dish was named the first rank in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (50 dishes are the yummiest World) held by CNN International. Source choice-worlds-50-most-delicious-foods

  1. Rawon

Rawon is one of the typical menu of Indonesia who came from East Java. Rawon is a beef dish with a typical black sauce with a distinctive taste and pleasure derived from that kluwek / keluwak / kluak. Rawon served with rice, equipped with a small bean sprouts, scallions, shrimp crackers, fried beef (jerked) and sambal.

  1. Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is typical food of Jakarta / Betawi has a history as part of the cultural menu Indonesian nation. Kerak Telor is very unique and menaraik tourists in Jakarta, by way of cooking using pans and charcoal with the basic ingredients of sticky rice, duck eggs, and seasoned mashed form of oil roasted red chili, kencur, ginger, pepper grains, salt and sugar ,

  1. Rujak Cingur

Rujak cingur is one of the traditional foods that are easily found in the area of East Java, especially Surabaya native region. In the Java language cingur word meaning “mouth”, this refers to the material or muzzle the mouth sliced braised veal and mixed into the dish. If the come to Surabaya, salad cingur is a culinary menu that should be attempted.

  1. Nasi Pecel

Pecel famous regions such as East Java and Ponorogo Madiun. The menu is typical of pecel vegetables (cabbage, beans, bean sprouts) doused with chili peanut sauce. Typically plus fried eggs and fried complement increasingly favors enjoyed pecel.

  1. Chicken Opor

Curry chicken is a food that is not foreign to the people of Indonesia, the most favorite menu dish dishes family, first became typical dishes at the time of Eid. Chicken curry with yellow-red seasoning was very tasty which is usually served with diamond.

That’s 10 famous Indonesian food, there are dozens of different types of food from various regions in Indonesia that may have not been included. Take pride in typical Indonesian food seasoning it rich with spices that tastes more delicious than the foreign cuisine.

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